Sex with My College Lover – Sex Confession – 15

It was back in 2010, when me and Analisa met for the last time for a bitter break up. I loved her with all my heart and soul, but she cheated on me. When I packed my bag and was about to leave her apartment, she said, “Josh, we are like elastane, the further we go, the stronger we shall bounce back together. Until next time hottie”. This is my real confession about sex with my college lover.

In 2018, I received an invitation for my college reunion committee. I was nervous to accept it, acknowledging the fact that she might be there. But my friend Jacob convinced me to go for it. So, there I was sipping my drink quietly in the kitchen, trying to avoid any unnecessary attention. Suddenly, a husky voice whispered in my ears, “Hey hottie, miss me?” I turned around to see that it was Analisa, just the way I left her. She was a perfect Armenian beauty, long black hair, sun-kissed skin and curvaceous body under that maroon bodycon.

She took a step towards me to hug me. Me being my clumsy self, spilled my wine on her dress. I was nervous and I continuously apologised. She tried to wipe it off with kitchen towels, but it needed more attention to eliminate the stickiness off her breast. She looked at me annoyed and said, “Are you just going to stand there or help me clean up this mess?” I followed her to the bedroom and waited for her, sitting on the bed, sipping my drink, while she cleaned her dress in the bathroom. The bathroom door banged open with Analisa standing on the doorway, in only her lingerie. I was shocked, I stood on my feet and gasped at the sight of this beauty.

She walked up towards me in her high heels, swaying her hips, inviting me to take her. I had been in many relationships after Analisa, but no one matched up to her in bed. There were days when I would even shag to the thoughts of her bouncing breast over me. She came over and kissed me passionately. I stared at her in surprise. She said, “Oh come on, don’t look at me like this. What were you expecting when you came here? Now, be a good boy hottie and strip for me, will you?” tickling my torso with long red fingernails.

I stripped naked and waited for my Armenian beauty to lay down her orders. She kissed me again, this time only to pull my hair harder and direct my head between her soft wobbly breasts. I held them with both my hands and popped them out of her bra. I gave her licks and bites to make her moan. I loved how she moaned, better than a porn star.  The mere thought of having sex with my college lover excited me between my legs. She noticed. She held waist and started kissing me on my groin.

Then, she laid me on the bed while breathing on my hard cock. She gave my cock a quick shag and when I was about to come, she sat on me. Oh, this site, I was waiting for all these years.  Her bouncing breasts over my body and her wet cunt, juicing out on me, warming me with each thrust. I raised my hands to squeeze her breasts as they bounced. She moaned and bit her lips. I couldn’t control myself, so I came and filled her up.

She dressed up and walked towards me, slipping her business card in my coat saying, ““Josh, we are like elastane, the further we go, the stronger we shall bounce back together. Until next time hottie”.

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