Peer Pressure to Lose my Virginity Led to Unsafe Sex

Since I turned 13, my only desire was to lose my virginity. I saw girls at that young age in my school talk to boys as if that was their second nature. And here I was, nervous as a wet hen, who couldn’t open her mouth to ask a boy where her class was at that age. But it was a massive peer pressure. All my friends including my best friend had lost her virginity. And when she did that, she swore that she would find a boy who was ready to fuck me, soon.

It was a typical summer day and we went to her house to take a dip in her pool. I got my favourite two-piece bikini and complimented it with J-Lo style long gold chain, hoops and hand cuffs. I walked in the pool area with the vibe of a celebrity. A hand holding lemonade in a champagne glass and the other waving at paparazzi. My best friend walked up to me and said, “Woah Miranda, you look so hot and guess what I have got just the right person to help you cool your heat down”. She pulled my hand and dragged me across the room to meet her cousin, Herman.

Herman was a handsome lad. He had Porto Rican skin and ocean green eyes. He wore a Hawaiian shirt and shorts. He was only 15 but looked 18. My friend introduced us and made us shake hands. I nervously rose my hand and he gripped it to leave a peck on it. I was floored. Handsome and well-mannered, well, that was a rare breed. My friend left us in an awkward situation and we both stood there smiling and sipping our lemonade. I asked him slyly, “So, where’s your girlfriend?”. Herman said, “I am looking for a girlfriend, do you have anyone in mind, someone as beautiful as you”, I blushed. He looked into my eyes and said, “Miranda, you are very beautiful, I think your boyfriend is a very lucky guy”.

I knew what he was getting at, so I indicated by answering, “I don’t have a boyfriend, never have”. He looked shocked but pleased. He held my hand and said, “Come, let’s look for a boyfriend for you”, I giggled and followed him, sheepishly. He took me to my best friend’s bedroom. He removed his shirt and stood in front of the mirror and said, “Would you like him to be your boyfriend?” I shyly nodded in agreement. He turned towards me, raised my chin and kissed me. I took a deep breath, almost choking myself on my first kiss. He held my waist and kissed me passionately. His cold wet hands traced my spine and reached my butt. He held my cheeks in his hands, giving them gentle squeezes in timely manner. I was overwhelmed.

I moved my face away from him and rested it on his shoulder. I could smell his cologne mixed with chlorine. He was kissing my neck now and shoulders. He even nibbled on the bone, I shrugged. His hands were now untying my panty and it dropped. I hugged him tight. His hands now loosing my bra, and it fell on the floor. I hugged him tighter. He tickled me and I pushed him away. There I stood, stark naked in front of a boy in my best friend’s bedroom and I knew it’s the time for me to lose my virginity.

This was it; he was going to have first time sex with a virgin, and the mere thought of it, embarrassed me. So, I tried to wrap myself with my hands. Adoring my failed attempt, he walked up to me and said, “Don’t worry, I know what I am doing” and laid me on the bed. He spread my legs and I closed my eyes. He pushed himself in and it hurt like a bitch. I held the bedsheet tight between my palms while tears were rolling down my eyes. But he didn’t stop. He seemed seasoned and I trusted him. He went on for a bit till a hot flush filled my stomach. I opened my eyes to see him dressing up. I wiped myself clean and got back in my bikini. The adventure to lose my virginity was done.

We kissed each other gently and exchanged phone numbers. My best friend was waiting with a grin. She said, “I kept my promise Miranda. I hope you had fun because I know, for a first-time experience, condoms can be bothersome”. And in my head, I was screaming at the top of my lungs, “Why the fuck didn’t I think of a condom”?

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