Unforgettable Night of Seduction-Cam to Real Sex

Savannah is a very bright student and a lovely girl. She has a boyfriend since ninth grade and after graduating from high school, she is ready to fulfil her dreams. She gets an opportunity to study in New York and she is excited about going there and to start a new chapter of her life. She gets settled in her dorm room with her new roommate and who is a Cam girl in order to support her college education. She was sooner going to face the best night of seduction.

Savannah gets to know a lot about different sexual desires thanks to her roommate and as she is a virgin, she has never experienced any of them ever before in her life. So, on one night her friend takes her to the party where she meets the dark, hot and mysterious guy, Hardin whose magnetic charm is irresistible. In a game of truth and dare, her friend challenges her to kiss Hardin but she refuses to kiss him and run out of the party. Her roommate, Tessa, asks her to open herself up to new possibilities and explore the other side of her personality.

She creates her profile on cam girl site and asks her to get an experience of online video chat to enjoy mutual masturbation with a stranger. Little does she know; Savannah and Hardin meet again through the site and Savannah get attracted to him. Hardin likes her simplicity and innocence. They decide to meet at his favourite spot and Savannah get the chance to know him close. She starts liking him and wants to be his girlfriend.

They visit Hardin’s cabin in a secluded spot surrounded by thick forest and beautiful river flow in his backyard. Later in night, Savannah is in the kitchen looking for something and Hardin seeing her in that cute pink dress wants to get close to her and take her in his arm. So, he gets closer to her and pull her closer towards himself pressing his lower half against hers. He gently caresses her hair and tilts her head to make her look up to him. He kisses her luscious lips and slowly trails his nose against her face, feeling her skin. She can feel his breath and the room fills with the sound of their pounding heartbeats. He takes her to his bedroom upstairs and as she enters, he put his hand around her torso and guides her back towards him. The night of real seduction had started and she was liking it.

He caresses her hair from the back and kisses her neckline. He softly touches her shoulder with his fingers, making her body shiver and slowly put his hand inside her panty. He kisses her ear and murmurs that she makes him hard while moving his erection against her. He takes her dress off and leave her with just bra and make her unbutton his shirt as well. He lifts her and place her down on the bed and starts kissing her beautiful tits. He slowly pulls them out of her bra and suckled them with his mouth. He presses them gently making her moan softly and with his other hand, he touches the skin of her clit. He then kneels down at foot and brushes his lips against her inner thigh and softly massages her clit with his fingers. He teases her clit with his tongue and presses a soft kiss on it. Savannah whimpers as Hardin moans against her pussy, pushing his face deeper and he continues to move his tongue deep inside hers. He makes her cum multiple times and then lifts her and make her stand against the wall.

Hardin’s dick hardens, and he pulls down his pants, remove Savannah’s bra and panty and push his erection inside her. He continues to fuck her against the wall with wildness and make her cum on his dick. He releases inside her with a loud moan and jitters through his body. Later, Savannah and Hardin spends rest of night together knowing each other and professing their love. Their story started with just an idea of jerking off together as strangers and now physically present in each other’s arm where they had the best night of seduction and sex.

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