Had sex on first date with a guy when my bf was abroad

I never had interest in online dating or casual relationships. However, I was very bored as my boyfriend was in Germany for the past 6 months. I just could not take the pressure of long distance dating. I am Aradhna and I am 25 years old. I cheated my bf and had sex on first date with a guy so, I thought to confess it somewhere.

I was just fooling around with all the different applications. I thought I will not meet anyone and thus, it will all be harmless flirting. Little did I knew, that I would be losing all my control and giving in to someone whom I had just met and eventually had sex on first date itself.

His name was Michael. He was great at flirting and he used to give me all the attention I needed. My boyfriend used to be busy all the time and we were struggling with time zones. Instead, Michael was in the same city as me. He was funny and adorable. After two weeks of chatting, he asked me if we could meet for a coffee. I could not deny his request as we had started becoming comfortable with each other.

We decided to meet after work around 6pm. I carried changeovers to work. I was wearing a black lace crop top with georgette palazzo pants. My top showed my cleavage a little bit. I had no plans of having sex with him but, I thought of teasing him a little bit.

Although, the vibe was amazing and so, one thing led to another. We went for dinner and I knew he was dropping me home. I had two glasses of wine at dinner but I was having a ditzy vision. I made this bad decision of calling him over for more wine. I just could not stop myself. I felt so horny by just looking at him and he kept listening to all I was sharing. We left the bar and went to my place.

I closed the door and just pretended falling on him. He caught me and we exchanged a look. I went in the kitchen to get some wine. I knew, Michael was in the kitchen and he had grabbed me from behind. He softly started kissing on my neck and shoulder. I was already high and was eagerly waiting for him to touch my skin. I loved that surprise from him.

I turned towards him and grabbed him by his face. We started kissing passionately like there was no tomorrow. Our tongues were touching each other and then our lips. I slowly got my hands inside his pants. He was taken aback because I pressed it. Then, I got down on my knees and opened his fly. I removed his underpants and there popped his penis in front of him. I couldn’t help but notice that it was quite big. I flushed with excitement and so was he.

I started sucking it and I just wanted his penis to fill my mouth completely. He moaned with excitement. That gave me more momentum and I continued sucking it even hard. I could not look at him but I could feel that he was enjoying it. After sucking for a while, he asked me to stop because he was about to cum.

I could not help but notice that my kitchen floor was ruined. Although, Michael broke my thought by carrying me and taking me to the couch in the living room. He threw me on the couch and removed his clothes. He slowly pulled my palazzo pants as well. I was already high and horny by that time. I wanted more from him and he knew what to do next. He softly kissed my the outer wall of my vagina and licked it for a while. He pushed his tongue inside along with a finger and I kept moaning his name. His lips were spread with my cum. I asked him to stop teasing and fuck me. He didn’t had a condom and neither did I care if he had one. Then he spread my legs and inserted his penis tip inside me while he kissed my lips. It was a long time my vagina was getting a real penis other than my fingers so it did pain a bit but I had completely forgotten I was having sex on first date with a guy I had met few hours back.

He pushed his penis completely inside and I wrapped my legs around his back. He kept going in and out while I moaned loudly. The feeling was heavenly and I was moaning loudly without caring if my neighbors were hearing them.

While thumping me, he grabbed one of boob and started pressing it roughly. That made me want him more. I just asked him to do it faster. He came on my breasts and by that time I came twice but he didn’t stop. After our steamy session, we again kissed for a long time and slept naked.

I have not told this to my boyfriend as I am afraid it might end our relationship. However, I did meet Michael for another steamy sex session after that. After meeting him twice, we stopped seeing each other. But, the memories of having sex on first date with a guy who was so good in sex still remains with me.

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