A strip club Lesbian encounter that turned in to sex with my best friend

My friend and I were travelling to Thailand on an all-girls trip. My friend Simon had her break up with her long term boyfriend. She was really sad and so, to cheer her up, we thought of travelling. So, we went to Patong Beach Street. It is the place which serves sex like a dish. The place contains everything from cabaret, ping pong balls with vagina or just the traditional strip tease. That’s where we had our first lesbian encounter and changed everything.

We entered one of the clubs as we were intrigued and wanted to have an experience. I saw three beautiful ladies on the stage. All the bartenders and servers were also wearing shiny bikinis and boxers.

I saw a girl named Sheila dancing on the floor. She was perfect as she had flawless skin and almost 0% fat in her body. She walked up to me and asked me for a dance. I started dancing with her. Another dancer walked up to Simon and gave her a peck on her hand.

We both looked at each other and were giggling. Sheila told me that I am ready whenever you are. I was confused but, I followed her in a room which was filled with red lights. The room had a comfortable couch on one side and a bed on the other. She asked me to sit on the couch and started stripping.

I was just stunned by her confidence and her body. I did not notice that she was coming towards me like a predator. She started undressing me. I was a little shy and awkward. So, she made a drink for me. I gulped the drink and felt better.

Then, Sheila asked me to surrender myself to her. She started removing my dress and kissed me while doing that. She kissed my neck, lips, ear lobe and cleavage. Once, she removed the dress, she gave a soft push to me. I lay on the bed. I was shivering yet I was excited. I had never had a sex encounter with a women before.

She smelled of coconut and lavender. It was so refreshing. Then, she held my tits together and started sucking them with her wide mouth. I moaned with pleasure. Then, she explored each part of my body. She went down to my navel and started sucking it as well. I was excited and even nervous with the lesbian encounter I was having.

Then, she removed my panties. Now, I knew what I was getting myself in to. So, I spread my legs. She went down me and rotated her tongue around my clit. Then, she inserted her fingers in my vagina and formed a rhythm. I was having a lot of fun.

Then, she started pulling my tits with her teeth while her hands were in my vagina. I groaned with pleasure and pain. She was really good at it. I was very wet at this point of time. Suddenly, she opened the drawer next to her bed, and removed the dildo. I just smiled.

She wore it around the waist and asked me to get in to a doggy position. I followed her and as soon as I did turned my back, she inserted it mercilessly in my vagina. We both were screaming and moaning. I came on the plastic dildo. Even she came with the sounds of music from the club.

I bid her goodbye and tipped her heavily for the experience. After that, I went to find Simon. She was waiting for me. She told me that she had the best lesbian experience. I was stunned that she went through it but, so did I.

We were tired and so, we slept as soon as we reached our hotel. Although the next day, Simon got up and kissed me on the lips. I was giggling and I asked her, if she wanted to give it a try. She readily agreed so, we got in to the shower and undressed each other.

I went down on her first and started sucking her pussy. Then, I pushed her towards the wall and inserted my fingers in it. I thumped them so hard until she came. She did the same to me but, she was sucking my nipples at the same time.

We got out once both of us were done. We thought of buying a dildo and then, having a proper experience with each other the following night. I could then understand what I like and lesbian encounter was a good surprise for me.

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