When the sexy female coach made my friend and me drink her milk

Me and friend Chad were a bunch of horny teenagers who wanted sex. So, we would often hang out near the female locker rooms to see naked girls or try to get a chance with them. One day we hid in the locker room and saw the softball team come in and change. Those girls had some great boobies on display. I grabbed my cock and rubbed it as I watched them. But the fun was short lived as their sexy female coach came in and ordered them to get out fast.

When they were out, she said, “You better come out now or I will drag you by your cocks!” We were shocked but left our hiding place. “Strip now!” she shouted and in a hurry we stripped down. “What were you doing here?” she asked and as we mumbled for answers, she said, “Now you have to pay for this shitty act. Kneel down in front of me.” and commanded Chad to stand behind her. She removed her top – she was braless! And her pants.

She grabbed my head and pushed it against her pussy. She was clean shaven so I licked her folds. “More boy!” she commanded so I took full liberty and held on to her hips as I pushed my face against her genitals. Chad was busy playing with her boobs, rubbing his cock against her ass. He was pressing the globes and plucking on those sweet pink nipples. I parted her folds and found her clit, licking and rubbing on it. “Ohh yes! Ohh yes!” was all I could hear as she rotated her hips in enjoyment.

I was also looking up at Chad still rubbing his cock on her ass crack. He could cover her boobs with his hands and weigh them, twisting and pinching her nipples. Never knew Coach Stone had such great boobies and a ripe body. Now I could never unsee what I had seen and felt. I wanted to suck her boobs but now I had something more interesting so I was focused on this. I sucked on her clit a little and drew a scream. She asked for my hand and pushed two of my fingers inside her pussy. The sexy female coach was damn wet and I could easily push in three fingers.

Maybe she had fucked enough men and her pussy had stretched? I dint know but it seemed that way. I was finger fucking her and feeling around in her pussy. “What are you examining my cunt?” she barked and I nibbled on her clit to shut her up. “Ooooh,” she exclaimed and let me do what I wanted. I could feel more liquid come out of her pussy. Then she stopped me and asked us, “Who wants the pussy and who wants the ass?” “I want to suck on your boobs,” I whined. She smiled and pushed me on a bench, to lie down.

I lay down on it and she straddled me. “You get my ass Chaddie,” she told Chad. He nervously shuffled and she laughed. “Come here and give me your cock,” she gestured to her mouth. He went and stood in front of her. She positioned her hips signaling me to impale her soppy pussy. It was not hard to push my cock in and I did it with ease. The feeling was heavenly as my cock was covered in her warm pussy. Her boobs were hanging right over my face so I took the chance and pulled a nipple in my mouth.

“Mmmm, want to drink my milk?” she asked and I grunted as my mouth was full of her tit. I was pressing one boob, with the nipple in my mouth sucking on it and making her scream. I saw that she was sucking Chad and his dick was in her mouth. I continued to focus on my pleasure and her boobs. I was pressing them more savagely now, leaving handprints. I also took the liberty to bite one of her nipples. But she didn’t stop me. Instead her pussy squeezed my cock harder.

I was so horny tat I held her torso, nipple in my mouth and began moving my hips up and down so my cock could fuck her. Every time I would pull out and then impale her cunt, I would get unlimited pleasure. Soon she began to squeeze around me and my cock began to throb. She sat up straight and began bouncing on my cock. The nipple was out of my mouth and I could see that Chad was sitting down, cum on his cock tip. She moved around and squeezed me more, until she moaned, “Ahhhhhhhh,” and came. She reached back to touch my balls and the minute she did that I shot a load into her. She was milking my cock, taking all of my cum as I shot rope after rope of that liquid.

As soon I was done, she was off of me and began dressing. “Now listen you both. Think of this as a lesson and if you tell anyone, I will report your spying on naked girls. Do you understand,” and we both nodded. Only too happy to have gotten the opportunity for a good fuck and to explore a sexy female coach.

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