Gay fantasy comes true with hotel receptionist

As soon as I checked in to the hotel, I noticed that the male receptionist was smiling at me weirdly and somehow, he kept noticing every single detail about me. Out of the closet for quite a few years now, I do not reflect a stereotypical gay man. However, the receptionist’s behavior gave me the impression that he knew exactly where my sexual orientations stand and may be that is why my gay fantasy got fulfilled.

He was a handsome young man, well-built yet lean, with a hint of beard, just my type. I gave him a small smile and went to my room. After travelling for the entire day, I was in dire need of a hot shower. So as soon as I reached my room, I got naked quickly and took a relaxing hot shower. After wiping myself clean, I wrapped a towel around my torso and lazed around the bed watching TV.

Suddenly, the door bell of my room started ringing impatiently. I went to open the door with a hint of irritation and confusion since I was not expecting anybody at my room. The receptionist stood there with a soft smile on his face when I opened the door. When I asked him what is the matter, he simply pushed me aside and stepped inside the room. To my utter shock, he told me without any hesitation that he knew exactly what I wanted and that he had seen me use the Gay Hook-up app when I was standing near the desk downstairs, waiting for my turn. I understood he knows about my gay fantasy.

Even though I hesitated a bit, he started opening his shirt buttons. His body oozed hotness, lean muscular body with washboard abs, this guy was a dream come true for me. I drooled as I looked at him stripping slowly in front of me and I knew right then that the night is going to be a long one. The bulge in his pants took all my hesitation out of the way as all I could imagine at that moment was him inside my mouth. Involuntarily, I approached him and started kissing him. He held me by my waist and pushed me towards the wall. Holding me enclosed within both his arms, he started kissing me hungrily and pinched my left nipple in between his two fingers.

By this point, my bulge had started showing through the towel. I moved to his chest and started kissing and biting him all over. I took his nipple in between my tongue and gave it a small bite. In between ragged breaths, he requested me to suck him since his dick hurt from being so hard. Smiling coyly, I went down on my knees and leisurely started opening his trousers. His impatience aroused me even more as he pushed his underpants down and his rock hard dick came out popping. I sat there enchanted as I looked at his Prince Albert piercing and my mouth started watering. His cock glistened with pre-cum and as I seductively tasted the saltiness. Pushing my tongue in between the opening on his dick head, I held his 7-inch shaft and started caressing his balls slowly.

As I sucked only his head and squeezed his balls, I could feel the veins of his cock protruding in my mouth. He held the wall with both his hands as he moaned his approval. I shoved his entire dick inside my mouth and sucked all his juices for more than 15 minutes. He held my hair and fucked my mouth hungrily. Then abruptly, he asked me to stand up and made me turn around. My cock had turned rock hard by that point. He kissed my neck and then whispered in my ear, “Bend down a bit sweetheart. I need to fuck you.”

As instructed, I bent down on the bed and kept my ass protruding out. He stroke my ass softly and then kissing my ass crack, he spread my cheeks wide. He put a finger inside and the pleasure was so much that I almost squeezed him. Then, he spread my legs wide apart and stood in between them. Taking his wet hard cock in his hand, he hit the head on my ass cheeks until I begged him to fuck me already. Slowly, he inserted his huge cock inside me as he held me by my waist. Even though he moved smoothly, I grunted in pain yet the pleasure at that moment was unimaginable.

He set the rhythm and when he was completely in, he started pounding my ass hard. He held my hair with one hand and spanked me hard on my ass cheek with the other. Our moans and the sound of slapping engulfed the entire room as he fucked me mercilessly. When I was almost going to lose it, I heard him say, “Ahhh baby, I am going to come!” Within a few minutes, he shot his come on my back and I shot mine on the floor. This was the strongest orgasm I had ever had and I felt wonderful with this gay fantasy. With legs still shivering, I lay down on the bed as he did the same, kissing and taking heavy breaths. I looked at him and I knew the night is still not over. The night was surprisingly hot and my gay fantasy with a stranger was fulfilled.

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