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Affair with my hot boss in his cabin

I had recently shifted to another city and had started working as a personal secretary for the boss of a prominent HR company. My job involved staying with my boss for almost 12 hours as we shared working space. My boss was in his early 30s and widely known as a bachelor who didn’t show […]

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Getting Frisky and having Sex on a Road Trip – Sex Confession

I read many adult confessions on this website and thought to write my own. I had never been on a road trip and my boyfriend at that time loved it. We planned one and had sex on a road trip. I preferred luxury so we arranged it in a way that I was comfortable. He […]

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Fucked Maid’s Daughter while wife was out of Town

My wife was travelling a lot lately because of her work. Our sex life sucked. Most of the days I had to just use my hand. I almost had a routine past 2-3 months. I am Dan and I am 40 years old. This is my real story of how I fucked maid’s daughter and […]

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Does the Desire for Sex in Men Decrease after Forties

desire for sex in men

Sex is a natural desire in men and women who are healthy, robust, and beautiful. At the threshold of puberty, a teenager starts feeling the push of testosterone hormone, and he starts holding his balls, without any knowledge. Sex is a natural act and men and women do indulge in it passionately. The kissing, touching […]

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When I had Sex with my Married Colleague – Sex Confession

I had never been one to break moral codes and this incident is one of those times I fell. I still feel embarrassed that I did this and I am unable to look my other colleagues in the eye. This is my confession when I had sex in the hearing distance of my colleagues from […]

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My Hot and Exciting Date with a Pornstar

I started watching porn when I was 15 and I loved watching the female stars. Their body used to attract me and I would get hard just by looking at them. As I grew older I learnt to control my urges but I still felt attracted by them and their confidence with their bodies. My […]

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Sex With My Husband’s Boss – Sex Confession

My name is Paula and I am a happily married woman living in a nice apartment with two dogs. This is my confession about my one-time sex with my husband’s boss in our house. My husband Kyle worked in a big corporate firm and had insisted his boss Sam to come to our house for […]

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A Night With My Friend’s Mother at a Sleepover

I met Dana when I became friends with Andrew. She was a single mom but oh so hot. I was attracted to her because she was sexy in a MILF way. But Andrew was my friend, not my best friend but still a friend. However, I couldn’t help myself one night with my friend’s mother […]

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