I ended up having sex with my manager’s wife

I know you guys occasionally wonder why I am so distant at times. I finally wish to confess to you the reason. I am not ignoring my friends- I just get lost in my thoughts about one night of my life. Though it was a one-night stand, it still haunts me from time to time. Listen patiently as I confess about sex with my manager’s wife, hoping it will finally let me live a life of peace.

I never thought a memory remember so fondly would be the one driving me to quit my job and my city. Today I live in New York, working at a different company. I am happy of sorts but occasionally I drift back to my days in Manhattan. That was my hometown and the place I landed my first job. But more than anything, I remember the day with Sophia the most. She was my supervising manager’s wife.

Sophia would occasionally visit the office to catch up with her husband. We all eyed her and wondered in envy what that grouchy old man did to get a wife like her. She was not very young- might have been 40 years or so. But her face and body had a radiance. More than anything, her personality was intoxicating. She would openly chat with the team as she waited for her husband. She was friendly to all of us.

This incident happened a couple of months after I joined. My manager was not the best man- either in office or in his personal life. I found that out the hard way. One day, he asked me to look up London Escorts. Uncannily, he was scheduled for a business tour to London that week. I knew the implications and I was shocked and sad for Sophia. But my job was more important, and I check the details for him.

He went to the tour and came back, and everything seemed normal. One day, Sophia stormed into the office and went to his room. We could hear bits of argument but dared not eavesdrop. After fifteen minutes she came out looking distraught. I offered her a cup of coffee and made her sit down at my cubicle. She did. I could guess what the reason behind all the argument was. But I kept quiet. We made plans to catch up after my office if she wants company. She agreed.

We met at a nearby pub and after a couple of drinks she was pouring her heart out. She told everything about how she found out about her husband cheating. I did not have the heart to tell her about my part in her misery. Soon we were drinking a lot and chatting about everything. She got really drunk within a couple of hours. I wanted to drop her home but then she insisted that she do not wish to return that night. I gave her the option to crash at my bachelor pad. To my surprise, she agreed. We drove back to my home which was just around the corner.

Once she crossed the threshold, she threw herself on the bean bag at the corner. She slid off the couch. She looked adorable even as she was miserable. I tried to help her get back on the bean bag, but she wrapped her arms around my neck. Before I knew it, she was pulling me close and kissing. I was shocked but did not have the strength to refuse her. Soon we were both kissing each other and thrashing on the floor. My mind could not refuse sex with my manager’s wife though it was morally wrong.

In seconds, she had ripped off my shirt. I pushed her breasts out and sucked hard on each of them. She moaned and dug her nails on my back. We were both dizzy from the drinks. But I felt more intoxicated in her embrace. Soon, I took off her dress. She was naked underneath. I buried my face between her thighs and started licking her clitoris. It was the sweetest taste and scent I ever experienced.

She was moaning loudly as I gave her orals. I could feel her getting dripping wet. I could not hold back anymore and started unzipping my pants. She got up enthusiastically and the moment my boner sprang out she gobbled it. Sophia started sucking me like crazy while I tried to get out of my pants. After a while I could feel my precum dripping out. She looked up at me with hazy eyes and smiled. She was drunk but totally on fire as she did everything to please me.

I put her down on the couch and went on top of her. I slowly inserted my dick in her vagina and started teasing her. She got impatient and pulled me closer. Soon I was pumping hard inside her. She egged me on to go harder. I was pumping as hard as I could. Her boobs were jiggling and pressing against me. After some time, I turned her around so that she was on all-fours. Then I took her from behind.

I kept hitting her G-spot and she mumbled gibberish in pleasure. Soon, I felt her pussy tighten around my dick and throbbing. She was climaxing. In a few minutes she moaned out loudly and climaxed hard. My dick was wet from her warm juices. I went faster still relentlessly. In another couple of minutes, I orgasmed hard and filled her pussy with my juices. We both laid down silently after that.

She laid on my chest, fast asleep. I was finally fathoming what happened. I panicked but did not want to ruin the moment so hugged her and slept. The next morning, I woke up late. I had trouble remembering the last night. Then I remembered that I had sex with my manager’s wife. But she was gone. I looked around in my apartment and found a note on the dining table. It said she did not regret one moment of the night, but this should be the first and last time. That was the confession about the sex with my manager’s wife I had and I feel better after writing it down.

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