The night of multiple orgasms

It’s been a week since my family shifted to this neighborhood. This house has been ready for quite a while now. But due to my constant refusal to move from my former home, my parents have to postpone the moving day till today. Moving to a place after traveling around the world is quite an adjustment. My father got an opportunity to work for a company in Florida and like any other Indian family, we believe in sticking together. But it was not easy my whole life I have been born and bought up in India and it’s a big change for me. Also, I have to leave Nihar, my boyfriend, with whom I have been in a relationship for one year.

Laying on my new bed and looking at the roof, I was thinking how my life sucks. A new school, people, environment, society, and many other things are there with which I have need to adjust with. That’s when I heard a bang on my window. I went near the window and looked outside and my eye fell on the window right opposite mine. A boy is standing and waving at me, he looked gorgeous with wavy sandy hair, blue eyes, a sharp nose, a square jawline, and a gorgeous smile. He was looking at me and waving, I responded automatically to his greeting.

“Hi, I am Robert. I saw you and your family move in this morning.”

“Hey, I am Maya. Nice to meet you.”

“So, you are my neighbor now.” asked Robert.

“Yes, I guess so.” I answered.

“You don’t seem too happy to be here,” Robert commented.

“How do you know?”

“I saw you arguing with your father, and telling him how much crap this place is.”

I laughed for the first time since I moved in.

Since that day we spoke every day, we talked for hours at the night. He would call me and stand by his window. We spoke about our likes, dislikes, and interest I shared about my past life in India. One day he asked whether he can come over to my room.

“How would you do that? It is all dark out there.” I asked.

“I can climb over the fence and come through your window.”

My heart started racing in excitement, I gave my approval and waited for him in my room. He came inside my room through the window after a few minutes. The way he looked at me it felt like forever. I was wearing a see-through top and a short. His eye is all over my body. This is the first time that we are standing in such short proximity. Then he came nearer and nearer I could feel his breath on my face.

“I have been dreaming about this moment for a long time” he said.

Robert was all over me. He started with a soft peck on my lips but the intensity increased with time. He smothered my face and neck with his kiss. It’s like he was hungry for this moment. He kissed me hard and picked me up to the bed. He never stopped kissing me while he carried me towards the bed. He put me down gently and took my panty out gently. He went down and licked on my vagina, he went on doing it slowly but steadily. I moaned loud as he picked up speed. I craved more of this and panted and shouted his name out loud. He was ecstatic with my reaction and sucked harder till I reached the climax. But I was sure about multiple orgasms tonight.

“So you are ready to do mine?” he asked.

I sat up and licked my lips with excitement. I took off his pant and got the magnificent sight of his dick. It was already standing up and I put it inside my mouth and bite it a little playfully. He groaned with desire. I sucked on it slowly at fast but then I took him in.

“You are so good at giving blowjobs!” Robert exclaimed.

I licked my lips in the triumph of my skill. His eyes sparkled with desire.

“You deserve another orgasm,” he said.

Pull off your top. I did it so gladly and quickly. He kissed my neck and squeezed my butt hard. He started a trail of kisses from my neck to my breast. He sucked hard on one and squeezed the other. Then he took off his shirt and we are completely naked wrapped around each other.

“You are ready to take me in?” He asked.

“I have been ready for a long time.” I answered.

He came in slowly and gently at first. Then with one swift thrust, he is inside me. He was gentle and slow at first. But I wanted more of him. He started to fuck me harder and harder until I had my second orgasm of the night. I had sex earlier but never have had multiple orgasms like this.

“Do you want me to take care of you some more?”

His eye sparkled with excitement and that is my answer. I pulled up a seducing smile and went down on his willie. I sucked hard and then harder. Without breaking eye contact I went on at the same speed. His eye widened with excitement as a moan of pleasure escaped from his lips. This made me more excited as I kept caressing his balls as I licked on his pennies. He breathed heavily and it didn’t take a long time till he spasmed and came once more in my mouth. I swallowed his in and gave him a naughty smile.

His eye got bigger with shock and awe.

I got three more climaxes as we went on for the rest of the night. He was inside me several times. It felt like the night should never end. At least when it’s almost dawn when we stopped. We sprawled around each other I felt peaceful in his presence. He looked me in the eyes and kissed me again and again.

“You were amazing.” he said.

So, were you happy?” I said and kissed on his cheek.

I felt contained thinking this is not the end and we will get many such nights of multiple orgasms in the future.

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