Affair With Wife’s Friend Led to Mutual Satisfaction

I am Junail and I am sharing my story of how living alone led me to affair with wife’s friend. If there are any grammar mistakes, please ignore them. Let me tell you that I am an average looking guy with toned physic. I had been living in Kuwait from past 6 years and got married 2 years back. This all happened when my wife came to visit me in Kuwait last year. During her college days, she made a Facebook friend who hailed from Kuwait itself so when she shifted here, she insisted to meet her. Her name was Zara. Zara worked as a school teacher and happened to live 1 hour drive from my apartment. Within a week’s time, Zara came pretty close to my wife and somewhat close to me as well. Even after my wife’s departure, she used to visit me and in this lonely city, for me she became family.

As a young adult male, I was in that phase of life when my need for an opposite gender companion was at the apex. Every other day I was craving for the love and touch of a female. Zara was a flower of hope in my barren land. Soon, I developed feelings for her and surprisingly, it was mutual. That was the burning spark of starting phase of affair with wife’s friend. It was a weekend and Zara called me up to check my dinner plans. When I said I have no such plans, she invited me to her place. I agreed. As I reached her place, I found a romantic atmosphere. We had dinner and then sat down to have some chat.

Zara was looking gorgeous. Her white maxi gown with a deep cut was revealing an ample amount of her cleavage. Seeing her like that, my dick started bulging and was becoming clearly visible through my pants. Suddenly, I caught her looking at my bulging cock and the beast inside me triggered. I slowly kept my hand on her hand and pressed it. Then, I pulled her to me and kissed her slowly. She then kissed me back passionately. Meanwhile, I squeezed her soft boobs with one hand and caressed her round ass with the other. She was moaning loudly and rubbing her hand on my hard-rock cock wildly. She then removed her dress and unbuttoned my shirt. Her pink undergarments were complimenting her feminine parts. I continuously kissed her, and she was getting heavy and unbalanced.

I unhooked her bra and her white melons hanged out. They were of a good size and they looked lovely, I never saw such beautiful boobs ever. Without wasting a minute, I took her nipples into my mouth and started sucking, biting it. I moved my hands from her bust to her flat belly and then to her pussy, exploring every inch of her body. Then she gestured me to go down at her. I made her lie down on the couch and started licking the opening of her pussy. I licked her clit and went in search of her G spot with my tongue. She was getting mad with my actions.

The journey was making her wild and she moaning loud. For a while, I tongue-fucked her. Then, I got up and asked her to suck my cock and have a taste of my pre-cum. At first, she hesitated but then she agreed. She was not a deep sucker but the way she twisted her tongue on my dick and sucked my balls, I was on cloud nine. Soon, I felt a sudden pressure of my gun being unloaded, and she like a bitch, swallowed it in one go. As she was going to the washroom to clean herself, I was still not done.

I grabbed her from behind and started kissing her on her neck while squeezing her boobs. I then lifted her in my arms and dropped her on the sofa. She was on her stomach, so I lay down on top of her bare back and started sucking her ears and giving her love bites on her neck, shoulder and back. She was moaning with pleasure and pleaded me to fuck her. But I wanted to do something else before I could fuck her.

I turned her facing me and I stretched her arms. Her underarms were beautiful, clean shaved and white. I licked her armpits and she was feeling more horny by now. I got up a little, spread her legs from behind and inserted my cock inside her tight pussy. She was shouting in pleasure and pain. “Ahhhhh… Ahhhhhhh… Ya Allah”. As I was busy pumping her hard in and out, she was pressing her boobs and was increasing her pleasure.

As I was fucking a female so hard after a long time, I lost control of my orgasm control and released my cum inside her. My encounters with Zara continued for a couple of years and then she got married.

Even when I see her photos on social media now, I remember how I got attracted to her and had affair with wife’s friend to satisfy our lust.

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