Escapade With EX Girlfriend From College

Varun was wandering around the mall. His wife was away for a business trip and he had nothing much to do after office. So, he decided to go to the mall and pass some time. His day was going to get amazing as he was going to meet his ex girlfriend from college. There he spotted a bar, feeling an urge to drink and his stomach growling, he went in.

“One beer and one chili chicken, please.” He said to the waiter and sat on the bar.

“Sex on the beach, please.”. A woman chirped beside him. Her sultry husky voice made him turn his head.

“Shikha?” He was surprised to see her friends, actually, his ex girlfriend from college was here.

“Varun.” She sounded surprised as well and happy. She hugged him tightly.

They talked a little and she told him she is here for a project. Varun looked at her carefully, she was beautiful then but now she looked hot and seductive with full lips and heavy breasts. Her shapely figure was an instant turn on.

Shikha also eyes Varun. The chubby cute looking guy of the school is now a stud. She could see his muscles bulging from his t-shirt. They drank and talked of school time and friends. The chemistry between them was still sparkling. They sat till the bar was about to get closed and decided to meet the next day again. They were both married, alone for the moment and they had a history. The attraction between them was inevitable and Varun could feel a strong inclination towards his ex girlfriend from college.

“Why don’t you drop by my house? Let’s hang out here.” He invited her.

She came dressed in a short red dress that made her look wanton. He felt an erection looking at her. She asked if he was alone and he replied that his wife was out of town. They sat watching a movie and drinking.

They talked and laughed quite for sometime. She felt tipsy and put her head on his shoulder. He moved closer to her. They both could feel the heat and desire for each other. He bent forward to her and kissed her on her lips gently. The kiss grew deep and hot and when they broke the kiss, they were gasping for air.

He held her up with his arms and they kissed while they made their way to his bedroom. He threw her on the bed and took off his t-shirt. His lips traced the skin of her neck. She moaned and dug her nails on his back, pulling him closer. She felt his erection and started to grind her bottom on it. He groaned with pleasure.

He half took off her dress and half tore it. Her huge breasts bounced in front of his face. Her buds were big and inviting. He bends his head and sucked them for a while. She kept grinding herself to him. He could feel she is wet. He got up and undressed both of them completely. Her mounds were shining with desire. Her cunt was wet and dripping. He couldn’t wait and buried himself in between her legs. Her back arched, her eyes closed in pleasure and she kept moaning like a wild animal.

When he was done with her she was breathless. She was glowing and he couldn’t wait anymore. He was so hard for her, it was painful. So he bent over her, spread her legs and entered her in one swift motion.

She whimpered his name in pleasure. He held her hair and asked her to say his name again and again. As she did, he increased the pressure of his thrust and the speed. She dug her nails all over his body. He commanded her to come for him and she did. And it wasn’t long before he came inside her with a grunt. He slipped beside her satisfied and yet wanting more. He knew it would be minutes before he will be hard for her again. Extra marital affair can be dangerous but you forget that risk when you meet your ex girlfriend from college with whom you ever spent some steamy nights.

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