A Party I crashed as a Stripper but ended up having Sex

My best friend was getting married in a month. However, she came to know that her fiancé was hosting a bachelor party the coming weekend. She got the address of the apartment and asked me to crash the party as a stripper. She wanted to know if he would cheat on her with a stripper or not.

I agreed to pull that off as I did not have anything better to do that weekend. I wore a black shorts. The one that just covered my hips. I wore a black lacy bra and a transparent white shirt on it. I purposely kept three buttons opened. I also wore red stilettos and red lipstick.

My friend’s fiancé was Arjun. Although, Arjun was having this party at Raj’s place. I just entered and played some music. The boys were taken aback to see me as they never called for strippers. Arjun started enjoying as he thought that his friends were giving a surprise until my best friend joined the party too.

However, I assured her that he did nothing with me and he was just dancing. Hence, we all joined the party. I was focusing on Raj. He was older than all of us. However, he was Arjun’s financer and that’s how they were friends.

Raj was 20 years elder to me. Although, I was attracted to him instead of all the other guys at the party. He had this amazing sex appeal and he was wearing a suit. The good part was that he was completely in shape and his white beard made him look hot.

I went and started dancing with him. He made me a drink and started dancing with me. By the end of the party, I had drank a lot of glasses. Almost everyone left and it was just Raj and me. He asked me if he should drop me home and I laughed and said that I want to stay back.

Then, I caught him off guard and pulled him towards me. I just bit his lip and started kissing it. After the kiss, he asked me if I was sure. He was so chivalrous that I was not able to stop myself from kissing him. Then, he carried me and took me in to his bedroom.

He pushed me on the bed and I giggled. He took of his jacket and tie. I pulled him through his shirt. I just opened his shirt buttons quickly while he was unzipping my dress. I unzipped his pants as well. I was eager to feel him. I lowered his underwear and squeezed his butt. They were perky and firm. I was surprised because for a man of his age, he was perfectly fit.

I could feel his erection. This turned me on even more. I pulled him closer and rubbed myself towards him. He quickly removed my panties and held my pussy. I gasped. He inserted three fingers inside it and started moving them in circular motions. I groaned with pleasure. I knew I wanted him inside me so bad.

After teasing me for a bit, he started playing with my breasts. I was moaning and groaning. Then, I held him from the back and asked him to put his penis inside me. He followed me and put it inside. It was hard and I loved it. As a stripper it all started but see where I was not. Ummm… hot.

His face was buried inside my breasts and he was thrusting in and out of my wet pussy. By this time, we both had become noisy as we were moaning with pain and pleasure. However, he was old and so he came quite early. I was a little irritated with that.

However, he realised this and so, he widened my thighs and fingered me again. I started moaning with pleasure. I was liking it as it was building up inside me. I told him harder as I was about to come. However, he took his finger out and started sucking and licking until I came in his mouth.

After that, I was satisfied but, to my surprise, he again inserted his dick and fucked me. I had multiple orgasms that night.

I slept in with him and left the next morning after having a cup of coffee. I still remember how it started as a stripper but ended up having great sex.

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