Sexual experience as an international student

I was travelling to Scotland for one semester during my postgraduate course and I was so looking forward to it. I had my flat booked and enrollment at the University of Edinburgh. The city was so pretty, a lot of historic buildings had been preserved. In fact, the place where I lived was also an old building which had been refurbished. Nastya and Jon were my flatmates. But I was interested in Nastya and wanted to have some kind of sexual experience with her.

She was from Russia and the moment I had seen her I knew and felt that attraction. One day she was wearing heels with a really tiny skirt and had a bikini top on. She dropped something and deliberately showed me her ass. How do I know that? Because her legs were spread way too much and she shook her ass! At me! She then got up, winked at me and beckoned me to her room. She locked the door when I entered and got on the bed. She was naked now and all I could see were those large bauble-like boobs. Ooof, I wanted them for sure.

So, I got on the bed as well and began licking her nipples. I sucked them one by one, arousing her. She just ran her fingers through my hair, urging me on. I lapped up at her breasts and then moved on to kissing her. “Mmm, I always wanted a big black cock,” Nastya said. Was she using me for her fantasy? I didn’t care, I got action. I caressed her neck, breasts and hips, feeling her supple soft flesh. I wanted her mouth around my cock and asked her for that. She lay down and started sucking my balls. Woah! No one had done that to me. I began rubbing myself as I watched her mouth pleasure my balls.

Then she used her hands on my balls and switched her mouth to my cock. Those luscious lips covered my girth, pressing down on it. She sucked the length in her mouth and I felt the pressure on my head. Wow! She was so good at it. Her head bobbed and my pleasure increased. But now I wanted her pussy to fuck, so I told her, “Give me your pussy now.” She laughed and complied.

Her head was on the pillows and her legs were spread open. I could see her swollen clit peeking at me. I touched that and began rubbing it between my thumb and finger. “Mmmmmm,” I heard her decide to give in to my cock. I pushed the cockhead slightly and felt around her pussy. She was wet and I knew I would get a good fuck. I lifted her bum up and penetrated her pussy. I heard her breathing hard when I started fucking her. My cock impaled her again and again as her pussy massaged my cock.

Her head had fallen back, legs lifted up and my cock was fucking her. I flicked her clit and noticed that each time I did that, her pussy would squeeze my cock more. I did that for some time so that her pussy would hold me tight. I pulled out and turned her around, putting her on her knees. I got to see her ass and fucked her. Her ass is enticing and I am going to get a one of a kind sexual experience with her. I thrusted again, holding on to her jiggly waist. I slapped her ass and slapped some more again. Thwack! Thwack! I heard my hits on her skin and saw some red welts forming. I squeezed her butt cheeks. I was close to cumming, so I decided to play with her clit a little. I twisted and pinched her there and she came, falling on the bed, her ass held by me.  I pulled out and masturbated to squirt on her ass. I shot a hella lot of load and fell on my side.

Nastya became my fuck buddy after that, at least for a few months, till we lived together and had a lot of sexual experience together. We would be loud and our third roommate almost left because of our copulation and shouts.

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