Gay fun with my best friend and college mate

Hi, friends! This is my real-life story where I got to fulfil my dream of having gay fun with my best friend. So to begin the story, my name is Ron, a typical geek guy with average built, fair complexion and athletic physique. It all happened when I was 19. I always thought I was straight as I used to masturbate thinking about Hollywood actresses and models. But everything changed when I joined college and met Frank who was a year older to me. He was the most handsome boy I ever saw. A charming face and slim but muscular physique was what made him stand out. I never felt that way about him until we went for our college trip where we shared the same room, and I got to see him shirtless a lot of times.

I bet any straight would turn gay looking at him naked. He used to share with me all the details about his sexual encounters with his girlfriend and that used to make me crave for his cock. Soon, I started masturbating imagining the stories he used to tell me and started to feel an attraction towards him. On the last night of our trip, as he was asleep, I took courage and inserted my hand in his boxers. I felt his semi-hard cock. It felt good to play with it. I also touched and pinched his nipples.

But as I feared that he might wake up, I took my hand out of his boxers and tried to sleep. The trip ended and so were my hopes to have an erotic encounter and gay fun with my best friend. But, thankfully I was not that unlucky. It was during the exam month when he asked me to help him clear his doubts in a subject. I invited him to my place for a group study session. The best part about my house was that my room was a secluded one, on the first floor. Before his arrival, I was thinking about him which turned me on and I had to masturbate. As he came, we studied for a couple of hours and then he asked me if he can stay at my place for the night. I happily agreed.

As we were getting bored, we decided to watch porn. We accidentally played a video that had gay encounter in it. I got all aroused and mockingly asked him to remove his shirt. To my surprise, he did that. I got a little embarrassed and reached for my laptop to change the video but he stopped me. So we resumed watching a sexual encounter of two hunky gays. I could clearly see him getting aroused as he started playing with his nipples. Things were clean till there but suddenly, I sensed his hand placed on my dick. I looked at him and we had an eye contact. He gave me a smile that made everything clear.

Excited, I removed my shirt and placed his hand on bare chest. Soon, he started rubbing my nipples, pinching them.. It was like a dream comes true. I asked him if he wants me to suck his nipples to which he agreed. I started licking his hairless chest passionately, biting his nipples one by one. He was moaning and after sometime, he gestured me to stop. He asked me to turn off the lights. I got up from my bed and turned it off and when I went to back to the bed and sat there, I saw his boxer on the bed and then I saw him stroking his cock.

I grabbed his long cock and stroked it for him. He asked me to suck it. I strengthened my grip on his cock and licked the tip of it with my tongue. Then, I spitted on it and spread it all over his dick with my tongue and finally, while motioning my fingers around his balls, I took it deep in my mouth. The taste of his pre-cum made me horny. He then asked me to stop and kissed me all over my face, licking and biting my neck, ear lobes and nipples. He then licked my abs and I was just lying there, moaning.

Then, he pushed me down and started biting my lips. His tongue went inside my mouth. Suddenly he pushed me down towards his cock, asking me for another round of sucking. As I was sucking his balls, he was moaning loudly. He then asked me to let him fuck my ass but before I could make a mind, he grabbed me from my elbow, made me lie on the bed on my stomach, spread my leg and started lubricating his dick with saliva. I then told him to grab some lubricant from the side table.

He then dipped his cock in petroleum jelly and without even a percent of mercy, inserted it inside my ass hole and started fucking me hard. I cried in pain but was also enjoying it. He ass fucked me for real long while I crying in pain and pleasure. I never expected such a real sex and gay fun with my best friend. He then asked if he can cum inside my ass to which I agreed. The moment he released, he turned on my back and started sucking my cock and playing with my balls. Soon, I came in his mouth and he swallowed it.

We still continue our relationship happily!

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