My step-brother is a beast on bed

My name is Leslie and I am a sophomore student at the New York University. Living in hostel for a while, I love the city life here. I rarely go back home even on holidays. First, I love this urban culture and secondly, there is nothing much to go back to at home. My dad is separated and does not keep in touch with us. Recently, my mom remarried and the guy repulses me. But she loves her so here I am, living on my own in a big city, completely oblivious to my hometown in Ohio. Little did I know, I will soon be bound to visit and end up with a beast on bed and full on adventure there.

It was an early morning of December when I got a call at my hostel. There was a guy on the other end, informing my mother is unwell and I need to come down to Ohio as soon as possible. I packed bags and took the first train in could. When I reached home and knocked the door, a guy opened it. He had to be a couple of years older to me, had a burly built and pretty green eyes. I was gaping at him when he told his name is Robb and he was my step-brother. I did not know my step-dad had a son. I was a little jealous of him as he got to live with my mom and probably she loved him too.

I went inside, enquiring about my mom’s health when I saw her come down from the stairs smiling and hand-in-hand with my step-dad. I was shocked. She seemed totally fine. Turned out, she had a minor stroke earlier and panicked. I was relieved and angry too. I really did not want to come home for Christmas but now I will have to stay here and will be stuck till New Year is over.

I kept things cordial with my step-family. That evening my mom informed, she will be going out of town for a day with my new dad. So basically, I will be stuck in the house with this so-called brother and he is left in charge of baby-sitting me. That is going to be one fine start of a vacation!

The next day early morning I decided to take a tour of the rooms. I have not been here for almost four years now and much have changed. I entered a room where the computer was on and there were guy’s clothes everywhere-this had to be Robb’s room. I could not help but peek at his computer. I was curious. To my shock and horror, he was checking out mature nude women. As I was about to leave and turned around, I saw him standing on the doorway, looking equally shocked. I tried to run past him but be rugby-tackled me and we landed on the bed. I was about to scream when he said he will never let me say anything to my mother.

Then he kissed me. I was disgusted and tried to throw him off. But he kept kissing forcefully and soon it became gentler. Despite my struggles, I was starting to like what was happening and giving in. He realized my submission and soon went down on me and kissed and caressed my neck. I ripped off his t-shirt and pulled down his pants. His boner was really thick and hard. He wasted no time in undressing me and soon I was lying completely naked under him. He pushed his dick inside my vagina. I could not believe I was getting fucked by a step-brother I barely knew but really a beast on bed for sure.

As he fucked me, he kept whispering in my ears about how he longed to meet me face to face ever since the marriage happened. He told me about how he thought I will be really hot and I got the looks from my mother. It was disgusting and really perverted but I could not feel as bad about it. Instead, the dirtier his words got, the more I felt turned on. In the meantime, he was fucking me like a mad man. His dick went deep inside me and touched my g-spot every time. I was on the verge of climaxing when he pulled out and then toppled me over. I was lying face down on the bed and he locked me in that position with his legs. No mercy and a beast on bed.

Then he put his dick inside my vagina from behind. In this position, it felt really tight but good. I was moaning loudly and had forgotten he is my brother. In a couple of minutes, I had orgasmed hard on his dick and he kept pushing in. For an hour, the assault went on. He did not slow down for once. We changed the positions a few times. I was on top of him and willingly fucked him now. As I bounced on his dick, I looked at him. It was getting obvious; he is in the verge of climaxing. I picked up pace and fucked him even harder. Soon, he climaxed and filled up my vagina with his juices. It felt so warm down there. As I got off his dick, his juices trickled down my leg.

As we both got dressed, neither spoke to the other. In some time, we went down to make breakfast silently. As I was at the kitchen grabbing my bowl of cereals to get back to my room, he came up from behind. He held me like a lover and whispered he is sorry in my ears. But all I felt was a desired to fuck him again. I turned towards him and kissed him. He was surprised by my response but did not take long to read the hint. That day, we spent the entire day fucking each other throughout the house. I found him a real beast on bed and fucks real good. And not just that day, throughout the holidays, we looked forward to sneaking around and going on with the fling till I left for my college again.

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