Making love to my beautiful wife as she showers

Alana and I had been married for a year now and I was still attracted to her. I wanted to make babies with her, I think even more than she wanted it. There was this drive, this need, to have sex with her and only her. It was like my dick wanted to live in her pussy. I had tried sleeping at night with my dick in her pussy, but in the course of the night, it would come out. I had to cuddle close to be comfortable. Making love to my beautiful wife is the best feeling for me.

That night I had cuddled and cuddled and, in the morning, when I woke up, she was missing. So, I put on shorts and went in search of her. I found her in the shower, washing that gorgeous body of hers. I wanted to hold her again and seeing her wet, made my cock stand in attention. So, I quickly drop my shorts and go towards her. Her back is to me and she is applying soap to her body. I go into the shower stall and hug her from behind. She is surprised but then calms down in my embrace. Her head falls back on my chest while I take the chance to kiss her neck.

I place kisses on her neck, sucking gently, putting my mark on her. I feel her soapy body, starting from her belly and then moving upwards. Her soapy breasts come in contact with my hand and I want to hold them forever. Instead, I caress them and pay special attention to her nipples. They are soft and cushy as I press them and arouse her. I play with her breasts with one hand and hold her close with the other.

I play with both her nipples, twirling and pulling at them as her breaths come out faster. I turn her around and kiss her mouth, her tongue meeting mine. She tastes sweet and I bring her closer, her breasts squishing against my chest. My hands rove over her back and slowly they move down to her ass. I squeeze them and she moans to give me her approval. I take some shower gel and wash her neck and belly. I rub it all over her breasts and play a bit. That’s how I like making love to my beautiful wife.

Her ass grounds against my naked cock and I really just want to push in. But I know she needs some more enjoyment before we can have sex. My fingers play over her clit and she washes my cock as she grabs it and rubs. Her soft hands play with my balls and wash my body. I enjoy her touch, then notice that she falls to her knees. My freshly washed cock is in her hands and she is vigorously licking the cockhead. She takes it in her mouth and sucks on it.

The first suction takes me into heaven, her blowjob heaven. She is so good at it. With soft gentle pulls, she sucks the head arousing me slowly. Then she rubs the whole length as her head bobs up and down the cock. She is rubbing my member with slippery hands but her grip is firm and tight. My hips move on their own accord, trying to fuck her mouth. At that time, she presses my balls and I feel a rush of pleasure while making love to my beautiful wife.

I stop her and pull her up, kissing her mouth. We get out of the shower stall, wiping ourselves. We get to the bedroom and I push her against the cupboard. I put her left leg on my shoulder and part her folds to find her clit. It is already swollen. “Were you touching yourself, baby?” I ask her. She reddens and smiles, caught. I lick her parting and then focus on the clit. I lick and press it with my tongue. I decide to suck on it when I have a chance. So, I start sucking on the clit. It is gentle at first and then I suck harder and harder. I use this opportunity to push three fingers into her pussy. She is so wet that she is almost leaking.

I feel around and start rubbing her there. Her ridged walls shiver at my touch and I know that if I want, I can make her cum. But I want to cum together with her. I kiss her clit and stop what I am doing. Instead, I lift her up and drop her on the bed. She is spread naked on it, her boobs pointing to me. I lie over her and take my time sucking on her nipples. I may not get so much time again to do this once our little one arrives. She loves it when I do this, play with her nipples while talking dirty to her, looking at her eyes. My left hand plucks on her right nipple as my tongue licks her left one. Her hips have begun to move and I know it’s time for the finale.

I get up and rub my cock once, then line up against her opening. I push in one stroke and feel her pussy hold me tight. I start moving in and out, her pussy massaging me with each stroke. The foreskin moves back every time I move and I love it. I keep doing this again and again. Then I get up and pull her to the edge of the bed. I put her left leg on my shoulder, getting in deeper and this is tighter. I start moving fast, my balls striking her ass. The bed is shaking and she is moaning when I feel tingling in my toes.

I touch her clit and rub it vigorously. She shoots off and I have to hold her down so I can keep fucking her. But soon, I lose control because her walls are convulsing around me wildly. I cum and my semen coats her pussy walls. I put it all inside her, not letting a single drop waste. Then we lie together on the bed cuddling. I am thinking of not going to work, so I can spend more time like this and make sure that I have my baby in her. I like making love to my beautiful wife and be around her always.

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