Surprise sex plan from my husband

It has been 15 years we have been married. Mark and I have three kids who are all grown up and busy with their life today. Love has never been a problem between us but that is not always everything to keep a marriage going. Our sex life has always been rather simple and non-experimental. We had an arrange marriage and I could never open up to him about my desires and fantasies. Now after so many years, it feels so monotonous that we have stopped putting any effort at all. However, a surprise sex plan was ahead, I didn’t expect at all.

I try and satisfy myself with my hidden toys but it is never enough. I used mature cams from Jerkmate to enjoy some virtual sex with handsome men. I try to keep my mind engaged imagining handsome young guys from the locality. One guy I fantasize in particular is the dog walker of a neighbor. A guy of mid 20s, he is blond, tall and has a rugged handsomeness. I wait everyday by the kitchen window to catch a glimpse of the guy. It is enough to keep my imagination going and self-help.

Recently after our youngest son left for college, I have noticed some changes in my husband. He is retired and stays home most of the time. Often, I catch him looking at my while I go about my daily chores or even just check out the dog-walker. It pleases me to witness his attention and I know even at 45 years; I am still quite attractive to men. I have a curvy figure with 38B boobs which have not sagged as much despite my age. My hips are still firm and round and I do everything to maintain my fitness. Little did I know, my husband was planning to surprise me and spice up our marriage too.

It was a Sunday and with nothing much to do, I decided to shower, pamper myself and take a little nap. I masturbated in the bathroom imagining the local dog-walker and once I was done showering, I blow-dried my hair, pampered myself a bit and decided to nap. I do not know how long it had been but I woke up to a tingling sensation all over my body. I opened my eyes and to my shock, the dog-walker was bending down between my legs and eating my pussy while Mark was sucking on one of my tits. I was about to scream and sit up but then I realized my hands were tied to the bedpost and so was my legs.

“What is this? What are you guys doing?” I yelled at them.

“Relax honey! I know you have been checking out Justin for a while and our sex life has been monotonous. So, I decided to surprise you with a threesome.” Mark was smiling. He had an obvious boner beneath his pants. In fifteen years, I never had any idea about this kinky side of his. He always appeared as the sophisticated and boring guy who is a complete family man. Threesome was a fantasy but never in my dreams I thought Mark would be up for it. To plan it as a surprise was an entirely different thing! I didn’t know how to react.

“Have fun honey and enjoy the moment. I know you want to. Don’t be shy I really don’t mind seeing this young man with you.”

Justin looked up and smiled at me and winked at my husband. Then he went back to eating my pussy while my husband greedily read my expression and pressed my boobs. I finally gave in to the pleasure that had been unfamiliar to me for so long. The surprise sex plan is working for me too.

I moaned and twisted, lifting my hips toward Justin’s face and craving either of them will fuck me. But they continued to tease me. Mark ran his hands over my body, fondling my tummy and boobs. On the other hand, Justin was pressing my ass cheeks hard and licking my clitoris continuously. I could sense I was about to orgasm. I could not even resist as I felt and enormous orgasm burst out and I squirted too. Justin gasped and stood up taking his t-shirt off. My husband followed his lead and started removing his clothes too.

I have never before seen two naked guys at once in the same room and I ogled at both of them. Even in his late 50s, my husband was a pleasing sight and I was realizing once more what made me love him all these years. Even the strong and young body of Justin did not seem to appeal me as much. They both closed in towards my face from both side and held their dicks at my face.

My movements were limited due to the restraints and I lifted my head towards my husband to lick his dick. He moved forward and shoved it in my mouth and started fucking my face. Justin was making the most of my fists and getting a hand-job from me. Soon, Justin moved between my legs and caressed my pussy with the tip of his dick. He finally shoved it in and I felt like I was losing my virginity once more.

He kept fucking me fast and rough while my husband got a blowjob. In 10 minutes, Justin was almost done when he withdrew and ejaculated all over my tummy and breast. My husband wasted no time and put his dick in my pussy next. He was gentler but his thick and hard dick was stretching me up and that felt so good. Soon after another fifteen minutes, he came inside me. When he withdrew, I felt the hot juices oozing and dripping off my pussy.

They both untied me. Mark kissed me passionately as I sat up. Next it was Justin. As he kissed, he whispered in my ears, “Until next time.” I felt a happy shiver electrify my entire body. Justin soon left out house while I cuddled with Mark. I knew for sure, after today’s surprise sex I can never even get back to regular sex and waited eagerly for the next time.

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