Having an Affair with my Neighbour is my Release-Sex Confession-14

When I was young, I often witnessed my father beating up my mom. I would try to save her each time and get beaten up too. Sometimes, I was beaten up to a level that I was immune to the pain and probably, in my unconscious mind, asking for more. When I turned 18, I escaped. I didn’t knew, my story would take so many turns and among them one of my confessions include affair with my neighbour.

I married young, with a simple girl from the church. We loved each other a lot, even after 15 years of marriage. She understands me and gives me the freedom that I need to heal myself from the mental trauma, I faced as a child. Being a simpleton, our sexual life was also very vanilla. We had sex to make babies and when the time wasn’t right, she would often come up with headaches or stomachaches. One time, I was drunk and horny, so I forced her into having sex with me. She denied and slapped me across the face. Instead of feeling angry and retaliating, I found pleasure in the slap and asked for more.

A couple of weeks later, I was alone on the house when, my neighbour Ms. Hatcher asked me if she could join me for a drink. I agreed and we drank till wee hours. On the last drink, we giggled, and I forcefully took the bottle from her hand to make my drink. She was pissed and she slapped me hard. She commanded me to not drink anymore and serve her dinner. I was shocked that though being insulted, I was finding pleasure in this drama. I followed her instructions and sat next to her on the dining table eating my meal. She put her hand on my thighs, digging her nails deep in to my flesh, till I twitched from pain. I was enjoying the sweetness of the move towards an affair with my neighbour.

She looked straight in my eye and said, “I know who you really are, John, you like your women to dominate you, don’t you?” I nodded in agreement. She then ordered me to strip naked and lie on the bed, while she made a quick visit to her house. She came back in her spandex pants, neon bra and a whip. The mere thought of having sex with my neighbour made me hard. Before even kissing, she directly aimed to give me a deep suck. I was gobsmacked. She sucked me harder and I could feel her sharp teeth on my skin. She tickled my balls with her long nails and slapped me on my thighs each time I wiggled. Then, she made me stand in a corner as a punishment for serving dinner in the wrong plates and whipped my back till it was sore. I enjoyed every bit of it. She said, “Haven’t you been naughty Johnny boy?” I responded, “Yes, Daddy”.

She looked at me surprised which was immediately followed by a grin. She spoke, “Wow! Someone’s got daddy issues here. How about I fuck your daddy John and you can watch”. She directed me in front of the mirror and climbed on me to sit on my cock. She ordered me to fuck her hard while I looked into the mirror, watching her scream, “Oh Mr. Burdoch, I love your hard cock. Hope your son doesn’t mind”. This enraged me and I thrusted her harder. As I was fucking her, she bit my neck and scratched my back till its bleed. The more the pain, the harder I fucked her, till I came.

She cleaned up and got dressed. I was embarrassed and stood quietly in a corner. She walked up to me and said, “Let me help you with your problems John. And guess what, we all have daddy issues”. Its been 6 years to this incident. I love my wife but having an affair with my neighbour is my release.

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