Useless Husband and Exciting Office – Sex Confession-3-Part-I

Office used to be so boring, the constant work and pressure, it made me want to quit, until Samuel joined the office. I’m Samantha and here is my slutty sex experience which I gave the title “Useless Husband and Exciting Office”. About me, I’m 5’4 and my assets are 36D-24-34. I love flaunting my body as much as I crave sex; sex had become a drug for me and I wanted it every day but my boring husband would just come back from work and sleep immediately, my needs weren’t satisfied and my work life was terrible, I needed a break. Samuel had just joined the office; he was very qualified so he was placed at a higher position in the office.

He wore tight fitted shirts and pants to the office. His ass and abs looked so tempting; he seemed like the forbidden fruit of the office. One day, my boss called me in and asked me to be Samuel’s secretary, I said yes without thinking twice, and all I could think about was being near him and having access to his hot body. All girls at work had their eyes on my candy so I started a rumour about us, I told everyone he fucks me in secret.

While the rumour was spreading, I got closer to him, I used to use my body against him, I would bend over in my tight leather skirts, I started wearing almost transparent shirts with deep v necks around him, but he didn’t seem to care for it he was more focused on work.

I was slowly starting to give up when my boss called me in one day and sat me down across him, he then started asking me questions about my husband, I was very confused, so I told him it was my personal matter and that my private life was going fine, just as I got up to leave his office he said, “so your low cut tops and those tight short skirts have been attracting a lot of attention here in office”, before I said anything, he continued, “I’ve been your boss for three years darling, you hated wearing clothes like these, I’m guessing you want to fuck Samuel?”

I was in shock but so horny at the same time, so I turned and said “sir if you promise to keep this between us, I’ll fuck you harder than your wife ever will.” My boss walked over and drew the blinds of his cabinet, he sat on his chair and said, “Strip for me you horny beast”, I was so horny just listening to my boss, he was tall, well built and handsome, married too, I felt like a sinner and I loved it! I slowly removed my leather skirt from the curves of my ass, I walked closer to him and sat on his lap, I spread my legs onto his shoulders, and took of my top as he looked at the view. I could feel his hard boner waiting to break free from his pants.

Oh enough for now. While writing this I got excited, and I need to use some of my sex toy to get my cum soak. I will continue writing this story “Useless Husband and Exciting Office” in the next part soon..

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