Useless Husband and Exciting Office – Sex Confession-3-Part-II

This is the second part of my confession “Useless Husband and Exciting Office“. If you haven’t read the story yet, do go through it to understand the background. Here you go.

When I was sitting on his lap, he took off my bra with his teeth and started licking my tits; I started rubbing myself against his cock over his pants. He then tore my panties off me and bent me over, took me by my neck and started fingering me while we stood there looking into the mirror in his cabin, looking at my helpless naked self being fingered hard, was making me hornier, he was biting my neck and grabbing my ass while fingering me, I couldn’t contain my moans, so he covered my mouth with his tie and continued finger fucking my pussy. It was so hot, my juices spilled all over his fingers.

He then asked me to get on my knees and give him a blowjob, he took off his tie from my mouth and as I took his cock in my mouth, we heard a knock at his door, there was no time to dress up and so he hid me under his table. “Come in” my boss said, Samuel entered and asked sir if he knew where I was, “she hasn’t come to work and I need to have a word with her sir”, my boss enquired about the matter while slyly grabbing my hair from under the table and gagging me on his huge cock. “She’s spread rumours about me fucking her sir” he said embarrassingly, ” She likes fucking people in her head” my boss replied, “I wish I could, her husband is a lucky dog” said Samuel.

Immediately, my boss dragged me out from under the table by my hair, “She’s ours” he said, I couldn’t believe I was getting to fuck these two hot men I’ve been craving at the same time! Samuel pushed me against the wall and started kissing me aggressively, while I kept stroking my boss’s cock, I was dying to be fucked. My boss got down on his knees and started eating me out and fingering my dripping wet pussy while Samuel started nibbling on my tits.

My moans started getting louder, so my boss got up and got me to start sucking on his dick, just as I went to give him a blowjob, he held my face and started mouth fucking me, harder with every second, the sound of me gagging made Samuel hornier, Samuel then took my head and started mouth fucking me too, his cock was larger and thicker, my eyes were teary but I kept going. Samuel tied me down with his hands and started fingering me, “This is what you get for lying, you wanted me to fuck you didn’t you?”

He slipped his fingers into my ass and increased his pace, as I screamed and moaned my boss watched as he played with his cock, I was dying to be fucked. They got me up and put me on the office couch, “you like this don’t you, your husband seems to be missing out, but I won’t, you’re mine now, I’ll fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk!” Samuel said as he rubbed his tip on the opening of my pussy.

I thought I’d give my boss a blowjob while Samuel fucked me, but I felt spit on ass, before I realised, Samuel had shoved his cock inside my pussy while my boss had pushed his cock inside my ass, I was being penetrated from both ends, I was taken over by pleasure, my boss spanked me while Samuel was choking me by my neck, they fucked me harder, it seemed like my moans would take over the entire office, but we didn’t care enough about Getting caught, “this pussy feels so good fuck” moaned my boss, they pumped me harder, after a while, my body shivered in pleasure and I came all over Samuel, ” If you can cum on me, I will too” I didn’t ever care at this point, Samuel unloaded himself inside me, and let out a moan, soon after my boss came on my ass, he rubbed his load around my ass while fingering me a little. A little sinner in me awoke and looks like the office may be in for a treat soon. I could never expect this kind of orgasm from my useless husband.

Sooner my useless husband realised about me getting late and stopping very frequently for meetings. He could not satisfy my needs as a woman and now we are going through settlements for divorce.

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