How I Lost my Virginity at 25

I am a catholic boy raised in an orthodox family. I passed college without a single girlfriend and multiple broken relationships as I could never fulfil their desire to sleep with me. I couldn’t take this pressure anymore, so I decided to get married to a girl from my community. I had no option and that is how I Lost my Virginity at 25.

Jane was a beautiful brunette from my neighbourhood. She would often wear short dresses that would show off her panties every time she bent. She had something different about her, especially the way she innocently spoke to every boy in the neighbourhood, including the pastor, holding their hands and fluttering her eyes. I always wondered about the difficulty a girl like Jane had to undergo to keep her virginity intact for such a long time. So, when I decided to get married, Pastor introduced me to Jane.

Jane and I got married in a proper Catholic way. We intended to consummate our marriage that night and discover our love for one another, under the blessings of our Lord. But I knew nothing about sex, so I did my bit of research and watched porn to understand the technicalities. I didn’t want her to think that I was a 25-year-old loser. So, as soon as we entered the room, I stripped naked, just like the porn stars. She turned around to startle herself at the sight of my bare body, still in her wedding dress. After have a close, long look at me, she knew that I had never done it before. She gave me her signature broad smile and walked towards me.

She hugged me tight and whispered in my ears, “Let me take care of you, husband”. She took a few steps away and walked out of her wedding gown in her two-piece white laced lingerie, stockings and garter. She let her hair loose over her sexy porn star body. She started kissing me all over my body. Nibbling on my tits and squeezing my butt. I just stood there like a mannequin. While twirling her tongue in my mouth and exploring the flavours, her hands reached out for my rock-hard dick. She held it in her cold palms, I gasped. Her lips broke into a broad smile, moved in to nibble on my ear lobe and said, “Are you ready, husband?” I nodded in agreement.

She slipped down and sucked my dick, pushing my skin with her tongue. It was uncomfortable yet pleasureful. Slowly, I could feel her fingers on my balls, tickling them while tracing my tip with her tongue. She moved up to pull my skin further making me moan in both pain and pleasure. I couldn’t take this anymore and was about to explode. I couldn’t be such a disappointment to my wife on our first night. So, I lifted her up and tossed her around like a doll. She was on her fours protruding her butt towards me under her lacy underwear.

I moved it aside and tried to shove my dick in her. She giggled every time I missed my aim and finally assisted me to dig her deep. As soon as my skin touched her internal warmth, my brain stopped functioning and all I wanted to do was to fuck that little slut. I remembered the times she used to tease the neighbourhood boys by showing off her panties or hold their hands and flutter her eyes. Now, she was mine and I was the one who took her virginity. I was proud of myself, which made my dick even harder. Her loud porn star moans filled the room. She asked for more, harder and faster. I gave her all she wanted and filled her little cunt with my juices.

At night, I laid next to her with one thought running on my mind, how did she learn all that about sex. Though I Lost my Virginity at 25, was she a virgin like me or ….

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