Sarah’s best night with a Virgin Guy

Sarah is 21 years old- still exploring the world of virtual dating. Once she got into college in New York, it took her only a few days to realize she can make men grovel at her feet. She was beautiful- a slender body and voluptuous natural boobs and ass- it was a rare combination. But she was not into dating in real much. She decided to explore the virtual space instead. Soon, she found out women like her are in high demand among older men, especially if she does a live cam show. That turned out to be the idea to get her some of the best night with amazing sex.

Sara joined Babestation where she became an instant hit. Everyday she had hundreds of men requesting to be on her friend list. But Sarah was extremely selective. Among all the guys fawning on her, a particular profile peaked her interest. The guy was called Robert. He had his own profile picture and he looked much older but cute. Sarah would spend hours chatting with Robert and even engaged in video chats.

Turned out, Robert lived close to her college campus. He was a bachelor and 30 years old. Sarah was careful not to disclose her real identity or address still. But as days went by, she was enjoying his virtual company enough to oblige to meeting in person. After almost a couple of months of chatting, they decided to go on their first real date. They chose a pub nearby which was known for their cozy ambience and variety of cocktails. Sarah put on a little black dress which showed off her assets to the fullest. A dash of red lipstick and sleeked out blonde hair and she was ready to slay the evening.

Sarah reached the pub around 6PM in the evening. As soon as she entered the pub, many heads turned that day. But her eyes were for the guy she met online. She looked around and finally spotted him at a far corner of the pub. Robert looked older but was hotter in person. His broad shoulders and light auburn stubbles gave him a sexy gruff look which reminded Sarah of home in Texas.

They chatted all evening and connected like old friends. They ended up trying out a variety of the cocktails the pub offered. By 8PM, Sarah was too dizzy and drunk to stand straight. She panicked worrying how she can go to the hostel in this state. Robert offered her to crash at his place. Sarah was apprehensive but there was a sincerity in Robert that she could not ignore. She agreed to the plan and they headed out together to his place to make it a best night together.

Once they were at Roberts doorstep, Sarah almost fell over but he caught her quickly. Sarah felt a jolt in her stomach and could not help but notice how strong yet gentle his arms felt around her. In no time, they were kissing. They managed to open the door without breaking off the kiss. Robert picker up Sarah and whizzed into the living room. Suddenly he broke off the kiss and looked at her, “I have a confession, Sarah.”

Sarah just blinked. Robert went on hesitantly, “I am a virgin- I hope that would not be a problem. I know you thought I am experienced after the tales I told while chatting.”

Sarah was a little taken aback but nevertheless she recovered from her surprise quickly and kissed him instead. Her kiss gave him enough idea about what to expect. And soon they were in each other’s arm and walking towards the bedroom. Once they were in the room, Robert flung Sarah on the bed. He pounced on her and buried his face in her boobs. He had already pulled her dress down and her black satin bra peaked through. Sarah had been with many guys before who were “experienced”. But Robert felt better and different. He was wild yet gentle. He surely knew how to please a woman with his foreplay skills. Sarah pulled off his shirt and was awestruck by his chiseled body. She fumbled at his jeans button. Robert helped her out and as soon as he pulled down the pants an 8 inches monster boner sprang out.

Sarah wasted no time and gobbled it up. As she sucked and licked his dick, Robert moaned out loudly. He held her hair and slowly started pushing his cock deeper down her throat till she was choking on the length. Then suddenly he pulled out and flipped Sarah on her back on the bed. He had already removed her dress and she was lying naked. Robert positioned his dick at her vagina which was already dripping wet. He started teasing her while looking in her eyes. Sarah finally begged him to fuck her and he went all in, with one hard shove. Sarah cried out as his cock hit her g-spot. Robert was wild and went really fast and hard. Sarah wrapped her arms and legs around him and clung to him as he shoved his dick briskly.

In 15 minutes, he was out of her and Sarah thought it is over. But instead, Robert made her be on her all-fours and positioned himself behind her. He started slowly working his dick into her vagina from behind. Then when she least expected it, he quickly pushed through the entire length, sending a jolt through her body. Sarah gasped. But Robert kept going in and out and really hard. Soon Sarah felt an orgasm building in her abdomen after 30 minutes of relentless banging.

In a few minutes, she cried out wildly as she experienced the biggest orgasm she had so far. Hearing her ecstatic cries, Robert could not hold back any longer and he orgasmed inside her. Her pussy was filled with his thick juices. Robert rested a bit on her back, holding her close to his chest and then pulled out slowly. Instantly, a mass of his juices dripped out of her pussy and Robert could finally say he has done the act. They lay down together in each other’s arm in contentment, getting ready for the next session. Though this was their first meet, but it was the best night she had and they continued meeting.

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