Sex with Ex Girlfriend is much more fun than my wife

Hi, I am Ankur. I am 29, married to a 23-year-old girl for 3 years. We have a weird tradition of marrying a very young girl. My wife, Neelam had just turned 20 when we got married. She had lived a very protected life and was ignorant about sex altogether. Though there is a different charm of indulging a naive virgin, nothing beats having a woman who knows what she wants and how to please her man. It turns you on completely to see such a woman at work, not only pleasuring but deriving her pleasures as well. I so wanted to have someone like that for once. My wife was too shy for my whims. I have been involved in other relationships like having a girlfriend experience in Luzern during my trip with friends. My wishes were granted when I met one of my many ex-girlfriends while being on a trip to Delhi. Though I had a very good sex life with my girl friends and due to lack of those kinkiness somehow I was feeling that Sex with Ex Girlfriend was much more fun than my wife gives me now.

Nitya has always been the kind of woman who could make any man come in his pants just by looking at him. She was wild in bed and always eager to try new things. She was beyond any experiences I have ever had in the past. We met in CP road and went to CCD for some coffee. She has been married for quite some time now as well. But it was evident from her talks that she was also craving for the wild times like ours.

“Why don’t we finish our conversation at my place. My husband is out of town for a few days and I am getting bored as hell.”

I agreed and I had an idea that this was my prayers being answered. After a long period of time, I was going to rock the bed again and have fantastic sex with ex girlfriend. We entered her home and no time was wasted. The attraction between us was clear and there was no point in denying. So I held her close and kissed her hard. She kissed me back with equal fierceness. Our hunger for each other was making is restless. After a few minutes of kissing, she said she couldn’t wait and hurried dragged her t-shirt above her head. Her huge breasts were right in front of me. “They are bigger,” I exclaimed. “Just don’t keep staring at them,” and with that, she dragged his head down to her cleavage.

I dug my nose and smelled her skin. I unhooked her bra and took one of her buds in my mouth. She made a loud noise as I bit it and rolled it between my teeth. She held my raging member from over my pants and grunted in a disapproving tone. She sat down and opened my jeans and dragged it down along with my underwear. My huge erection was staring at her face. Without an ounce of hesitation, she took it all in her mouth, deep throating me, something no one else has been able to do. Blowjob by ex girlfriend and that too so nicely made me think what did I miss for so many years. My knees buckled and I staggered. I leaned to the closest wall, held her hair in my fist as she continued to suck me. After a few minutes, I stopped her, “I will come if you keep doing that.” She flashed her most sensuous smile.

I needed some time to get my arousal in control. So I held her close and kissed her hard. I dragged her the dining table in the hall, hauled her on the top of it and took off her jeans. I cursed as she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I rubbed my cock on her dripping cunt before inserting it in. She moaned wildly and bucked hard. I was turned on to see her like that. I started thrusting hard. I kept increasing the speed until I couldn’t take anymore and I came inside her and she came along with me. I was exhausted with the intensity of our passion. This was what I was missing. She was exhausted too but we were far from over. We had to catch up on a lot of lost time and we just started. Sex with ex girlfriend brought my romantic life back.

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