A sensuous night with my new fuck buddy

I was living a dream in the big city. I was working for a college degree and partying at night. My roommate and I were the fun party girls. We were open with each other about boys and sex and if she could get a lay, she would get one for me too. We were the adventurers in the big bad city – but I was, for all intents and purposes, single. And one night, I met Brody, my new fuck buddy.

Brody was my roommate’s friend, who had volunteered to drop me home. My roommate had found a man for the night, and I was heading home. Brody had a nice car and I guessed that he was rich. But how rich, I got to know in about an hour. We were conversing and arrived at his apartment. It was on the top floor and had floor to ceiling windows everywhere. But the surprise was the pool.

It was on the terrace and had warm water. I was enjoying the view when Brody hugged me from behind. I didn’t mind, I wanted it. So, I held his hand and pushed back my ass on his crotch. His right hand snaked upward and touched my breasts. We both wanted the same thing. He was pressing my breasts while kissing my neck and I was just enjoying the sensation as I looked at the cityscape at night. My new fuck buddy was good at making me comfortable.

The lights were twinkling and the pool was also lit up. The terrace was private, so I turned around and kissed him. He responded as his tongue came out and met mine. He tasted of whisky sours and peppermint. He placed kisses on my lips and then sucked my tongue. The environment was sexy, intimate and yet public. It reminded me of live porn films that had a beautiful setting and two sexy people fucking each other’s brains out. Truly this place and moment made me horny.

I pulled away from him, undressed and let him watch me the whole time. His eyes looked at me, top to bottom. They stayed longer over my breasts and the area between my legs. “Do you want to know what lies here?” I asked him. He chuckled and licked his lips, watching me descend into the heated pool. The water felt good, warm. I started swimming and came up to watch him undress and dive into the pool. The one thing that stood out was his cock. Even in a calm state, it was thick and long and I wondered what that would do for me.

He swam up to me and came really close. Above the water, he just looked into my eyes, but under it, he was already parting my folds and pulling my clitoris. My heart began beating fast and I could feel the throb in my pussy too. I wanted to taunt him, so I pulled his cock toward me and hemoved closer. I was rubbing his cock, but it was quite thick and one palm didn’t suffice. I would have to use both my hands to add the appropriate pressure.

He pulled back and lifted me up on the edge of the pool. As I sat there, he lifted my leg and put it over his shoulder. The other leg was dangling in the pool. The cold air was blowing against my body and it was affecting my nipples, arousing me. I felt his breath on my pussy as he descended to lick my clit. He began sucking on the nub, making my eyes roll back in pleasure. He was licking and sucking, rubbing me with his rough fingers. It was like my new fuck buddy knew the perfect combination of motions to arouse me.

It felt quite naughty to fuck like this in the open, to be tongued by this hunk of a man. I was not a virgin and plain, boring sex would not do it for me. But this, yes, this would more than do it. I felt his tongue move around in circles near my pussy hole. And then the tip tried to enter the pussy. He startedto add his hand into the mix by massaging the pussy opening. His fingers were rough so it gave me the desired friction. My waist began to move on its own, as I enjoyed his hands. I would have cum had he not stopped and demanded a blowjob.

He came out of the pool and sat on a lounge chair. I followed and knelt to get better access. I licked his whole length first and then put pressure with my palms at the base of his penis. The cock stood erect as he breathed heavily. I was good at sucking and I knew it. I began to blow him, starting at the cockhead, sucking and nibbling at the bulbous dome. I pulled back his foreskin to touch him with my tongue and tried to deep throat him. He groaned and stopped me, pulling me up. He kept laying down and instead I was the one to sit on his cock.

I slowly descended as he held his cock upright. I sat still when his cock was fully inside me.   Then I began to grind on him and move up and down. As I moved my breasts jumped too and he was watching them. Then quite suddenly he grabbed them with both hands and pressed them hard. He brought one close to his mouth and began sucking it. He was licking the nipple and pressing down on it with his tongue. The other hand was busy fondling my other breast. He was getting wild, sucking on my breasts, almost with a passion. He was pressing harder and sucking harder on the nipplestoo. In fact, I was having difficulty moving and had to just grind more to fuck him. Then in excitement, he actually bit my nipple. “Ahhh” I screamed and stopped him.

“Sorry,” he replied and licked me there to reduce the pain. Then he focused on me as I moved leisurely over his cock, massaging his shaft and getting impaled myself. Then I could sense something shift and he stopped me and got up. ‘Get on your fours,”my new fuck buddy said roughly and I did. He held on to my ass and penetrated my pussy again. His cock was really thick and I felt stretched. He started banging me this time, wild and rough. His balls slapped against my thighs as his thrusting got more intense.

In and out, in and out, he went on for a long time. Every time he entered me, it was with renewed force and he didn’t seem to tire out. Then his pace increased, faster and faster he went. The lounge chair was creaking and shaking. Right before slowing down, he roughly rubbed and pinched my clit, “Ohhhh! Ahhh!” I screamedin pleasure and came. I squirted all over his expensive chair, but he didn’t seem to mind. He continuedto fuck me and then I felt his semen coat my pussy walls. My pussy was squeezing the shit out of his cock because it was so fat. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” was all I could hear from me. Two people orgasming and shouting into the night.

I was breathing hard and on a high when he pulled out and just lay over me. It was a hot date night. We continued to fuck two more times during the night in the pool and then barely slept for 3 hours. That was the night I truly met my new fuck buddy. And today we still meet for those horny nights when we both want a good fuck.

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