Found my soulmate – My story from the college days

I was in the final year of college, last semester to be exact. I was a bit shy and hadn’t had a girlfriend – ever. But that didn’t mean I wasn’t sexually active, I was. I was just too involved in college activities and my studies. I never had the time or desire for commitment, so I used other means for my entertainment and satisfaction – sexually. But things changed, and I found my soulmate.

Girls were interested in me, they so were. For example, I saw Shanna, one of the cheerleaders, leaving a note in my textbook. She had asked to meet behind the bleachers. I knew what happened there, so I never went. She had tried stopping me in public too, to get a kiss or to touch me, but what she wanted, she never got. Not sure if was unlucky or lucky? But I did what I wanted with webcam sites.

I had had sensual rendezvous with webcam girls instead and they were quite good at their craft. I could go to them anytime and they would never disappoint. Once, a cam girl did a striptease for me and pleasured herself in front of the camera. She was so bold and sexy that I came, masturbating to her image. Whoo! That was a hot night.

But my bachelorhood was not to be for long, because I got placed and met Sara. Sara was bold and older than me. She had been with the company for 4 years, being recruited right out of college. The day I came to work, I had seen her at work. She had that no-nonsense attitude. I was automatically attracted to her, but she didn’t know me. She headed operations and I was in IT, a fresher. So, one day I decided to flirt with her in the lift and when we emerged from it, she was smiling. My mind was telling me that I had found my soulmate.

One thing led to another and today I am taking her on a date. I hope I get lucky; it would be my first time. I treat her to a lavish meal and she is looking sexy in that deep neck red dress. One thing I know for sure – she has great cleavage. I had condoms at my place, so I tell her to come with me. She is confident when she walks into my apartment. I have wine ready and we take some sips while getting cozy. She takes the first step and pulls me close, taking my lips with hers. I taste wine and chocolate on her as she sucks my tongue.

We kiss and kiss, getting passionate and rough as it goes on. She touches my cock over my pants and I feel so good. But I want to touch her too. I press her boobs over her dress, hesitantly. But she presses her palm over my hand, encouraging me to do that more. Prodded by her, I actually put my hand inside her dress. I am greeted by soft, smooth skin and a plump nipple. She giggles when I play with her nipple and I want more. I push down her straps, exposing her and just go for her boobies.

I kiss her all over her chest and press her boobs. I also lick and suck her nipples, drawing moans from her. Once I sucked her right nipple, and she went, “Ooofff!” I stopped, thinking that I hurt her but she said, “Do that again.” I get excited and begin pulling on her nipples, watching her face. I lay her down on the couch and move down over her body. I lift her dress, removing her panties. They had a moist patch so I knew that she probably liked what I was doing. I didn’t want to tell her that I was a virgin.

I just do what my body wants. I kiss her there and part her folds, licking and sucking her nub. I see her pussy hole and lick her there too. She folds her knees, exposing herself more and moans sexily. I want to fuck her right now, but I know that I want to pleasure her first too. So, I go slow, lick and suck, lick and suck. I can see some liquid come out of her pussy. I put one finger inside her pussy, in excitement and she flinches a bit. I stop, my finger inside her and then she says, “Go on.”

I touch her pussy hole, feeling around and turning my finger. Then I feel some ridges on her pussy walls and I caress that area, trying to determine what that is. I notice Sara, whimpering and her belly is moving. “Is that good?” I ask her. “Yes, yess! More!” she says and pants. I go to town caressing and rubbing her pussy. I see her clitoris shining and want to lick it. So, I suck on and lick it while rubbing her channel. I do that for a while and suddenly a gush of liquid comes out of her pussy. She is breathing hard and her eyes are glazed. My life is now super romantic after I found my soulmate, Sara!

I stand up, watching her and touch myself. She looks so sexy and I want to masturbate while looking at her naked body. I pull my cock out of my pants and start rubbing and pulling it roughly. Sara sees that and sits up, pulling me by my cock. Without saying anything, she sucks on the head and I feel such a rush of pleasure. Her mouth is warm and her suction just right. She also rubs my length as she sucks and licks the cockhead. Her grasp is strong and with each movement, I feel a tug. I know that I will cum so I stop her.

I take out the condom from my pants pocket and put it on. I just pray I last long enough. Sara is lying on the couch, all naked and flushed. I lift her bum to put it on the hand rest. This way her pussy is at the right height for my cock. I again part her folds and add the tip of my cock into her pussy hole. I move my hips so that my cock just moves around at her entrance, stretching her. Then I move in.

As soon as I penetrate her, I feel her pussy like a warm sock around my cock. It is tight and I love it. I take a few deep breaths and then begin thrusting, in and out, in and out. I go slow, so I can make Sara feel good before I cum. At a point, I get excited and start moving faster. Sara is enjoying this, but I stop and pinch the base of my cock. I was about to cum.

Then I start again and stop multiple times to hold. Then finally the last time I am fucking her, I see Sara’s face and know she is close. I had seen in movies how to get women to cum, so I do the same. I rub the clit with my thumb and she cums. She is shaking and her pussy is going crazy, spasming around me. She squeezes my cock so hard that I can’t control it and I cum too. The feeling is unbelievable.

That night was the first of many for Sara and me. We became a couple soon after and the sex was just mind-blowing. I left the company and joined a different one, but Sara and I are still together, as I had found my soulmate.

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