How I Met My Love Sharon

Sharon. She was my light. The light to my darkness. I don’t know how I lived my 30 years without her around. But now that I had her around me, I would hold on as long as I could. We met when I clicked on a link for free adult dating websites. That day we just spoke and then gradually moved on to steamier topics. This story is about how I met my love Sharon and we fell for each other.

Then I got to know that she lived down the street from me and I just couldn’t stop myself from going to her place. I knocked, she opened and the rest was history. I have spent every night in her bed or she in mine. Today I ask her to move in me and now it’s time for celebratory sex.

I kiss her whole body leisurely, taking my time. She lies stark naked on my bed and I hold her hands above her head. I suckle at her breasts and nuzzle her belly. I part her lips and lick her sweet spot to feel her shudder. But she wasn’t having it. “I want your dick,” she exclaims and gets up. I let her have my dick and settle into a 69.

She hovers over me, letting me lap at her slick pussy. She grips my cock and suckles the head. Her soft and firm hands rub me up and down as she sucks the tip. She uses her mouth and hands to bring me pleasure. She cups my balls and massages them gently, stimulating me. She takes my cock deeper and I find her throat.  Meanwhile, I’m savouring her taste on my lips as she gyrates above my face.

I suck enthusiastically on her clit and spear her pussy as well. I totally make out with her pussy lips and finally get her off. I am highly aroused and don’t want to waste my cum. I pull out of her mouth and sit up. She giggles and moves away when I try to catch hold of her. “Want to play baby?” I ask and she giggles more. I get up from the bed making a grab for her. She tries to run to the door but I get her right before she can get out.

“Running from me baby? I will punish you for that.” I murmur against her lips as I devour that pout. I slam her against the wall and grope her tits roughly as I kiss her. She moans when I pinch and twirl her nipples with both my hands. I also dry hump her belly as I touch her tits. I slap her tit and finger her pussy. She is wet and my fingers are coated in her cum. I bring my fingers to her lips and say, “Open.” She opens her mouth and licks my fingers clean. That was so hot.

I lift her up and plunge my cock into her tight hole. “Ahh! Ahh!” she moans but I continue moving into her tight body. I move and then her nails score my back. I am aroused and I dive into her to the hilt to find relief. She rubs her tits against my chest, “Go deeper!” she says. I pull back and fold her knees to bring over my shoulders. Then I go again and within 5 minutes she is coming. I pump into her and then shoot ropes of cum into her pussy.

I kiss her hard. “I love you my sexy girl. My light,” I say and wink at her. She pinches my nipple and kisses me. “I love you too naughty boy.” Not everyone is lucky enough to get love, but this is how I met my love, Sharon!

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