How I did Sex for Revenge – Sex Confession – 17

A couple of years ago, I was involved with a convict. He loved crime and I loved the lifestyle it provided. On the day, we tried to make our last move to make it big, we got caught. We both were taken for separate confessions. Though, I wasn’t involved even a bit to in his acts, he told on me to earn his brownie points. That got me in prison for a year and him for 5. After I was released, I went to see him. I asked him why he lied to me. He said, “Baby, didn’t we promise one another that we both shall be happy or sad together, than why should I be the only one to suffer?”. I banged the phone on the glass and left the room. That day, I decided that he is going to get it all back for what he did to me and here is my story of sex for revenge.

He was released and I went to pick him up at the prison gates. I told him how much I missed him and what he did was right. I took him to a motel room and told him that he needs to freshen up before we hit the road. He hugged me tight. He slowly whispered to me, “I knew that you were not a revengeful cunt”. I took a deep breath and escorted him to the shower. We both stripped and turned the shower on. His wet hands caressing my curves and appreciating them with little nibbles. His wet lips, leaving traces of warm kisses on my body.

On the neck, on my breast, my stomach and between my legs. He turned off the shower and went down on his knees. He opened my labia with one hand and tickled my clit with his tongue. His other hand was taken care of his business. He rose to give me more. He turned me around and opened my butt. He rimmed my butthole with his fingers and moved lower. He filled my watering hole with his middle finger and fucked me. While his fingers were busy, his hard dick throbbed my butt hole. I was in pain, but my body wanted more.  It was like I was having sex for revenge.

I turned around and gently pushed him away. I lied flat on the bathtub, spreading my legs like a little whore. I tickled my clit and licked my teat to tease him. He bent down to let his face rest between my legs. He licked me hard and deep. He even put his fist inside of me. He thrust me rhythmically and I came. My moans made him mad, so he pounced on me. His fingers tracing my face and his breath, warming my face. I whispered in his ears, “Choke me”. His hands were on my neck now, choking me. His grip got tighter and his fucks got harder.

The light on the ceiling was darkening my vision. I was in utmost pleasure, lack of breath motivated me to stay conscious. I was about to cum and at the verge of passing out.  Suddenly, in my subconscious mind, I could hear whispers, of many people. It felt as if they were all in my house, right next to my ear. At that moment, the bathroom door opened with a bang and the people entered the room. They announced, “Police!”.

We were separated and I was asked if I were ok. I said, “No, I am not okay. He tried to rape me”. He looked at me, startled and I smirked. Revenge sex never felt better.

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