How I lose my Virginity to my Girlfriend Caroline

Caroline was my first love. I was 14 when I saw her for the first time and fell in love with her. Fast forward two years later and Caroline had blossomed into a shy beauty. We were dating each other and I knew I loved her a lot. We hadn’t gotten physical yet but she was hinting that she wanted it. So I planned it for her birthday. I was going to surprise and then would lose my virginity to her. Otherwise my time used to spent watching xxx videos online and used to imagine her.

I had it all set up – a picnic at midnight. I prepared for it and then knocked on her house door. Her dad opened it and smiled. “Hello, Mr. Carter. I am here for Caroline. I have a birthday surprise for her.” He smiled and called for her. For a dad, he was pretty chill and liked me. Sweet Caroline was standing in a blue dress, ready for her birthday. She looked so beautiful.

I take her hand and we walk towards the lake. The gazebo I had built her still hands, but now it’s decorated with twinkling lights. She gasps when she sees it and gives me a hug. Her soft tits press against my hard chest and I can’t help but softly kiss her on the lips. I take her to the gazebo and we sit down on the blanket laid down next to the picnic basket. I take out the small angel food cake for her and sing happy birthday. We eat small pieces of the cake when she stops me and then just kisses me hard.

“Make love to me Joe,” she whispers across my mouth and I cannot deny her request. I kiss her again and lay her down on the blanket. I kiss and nibble the side of her neck and my palm moves to her waist and then her thighs. My hands move upward, pushing the dress material up. Her soft thighs are exposed for me to see. I just want to lick her whole body. I unzip her dress and see that she has no underwear on. She blushes as I gaze at her.

I undress quickly and attach my body to hers. I just want to be fused with her if possible. I stroke her cheek and kiss her again. She makes the kiss hard and desperate. “Give me more,” she whines. I chuckle and look into her eyes as I part her pussy lips and rub her clit. Every sigh and moan from her mouth is impressed into my brain as I watch her and rub her hard clit. I kiss her again and go down to her breasts. The soft pink nipples call out to me and I bend down to lick one. She shivers. “Do you like it?” I ask her and she nods. I bend down and suck, lick and bite her nipples. By the time I am done she is writhing. I was sure by now that I am going to lose my virginity to my gf.

I part her legs and push one finger inside. She gasps. She is tight, but my cock is hard for her and I know that now I need to have her. I finger fuck her more to release her juices. Then I roll on a condom and lay on top of her. I push inside slightly and can feel her barrier. I take her lips in a kiss and push inside fully. My dick is encased in her pussy now. Her moans and cries drown out by my kiss.

I kiss away her tears and then begin to move. “I love you Caroline,” I whisper in her ears and move in her body. I rock in and out of her. We kiss and I rock into her with more force. She wraps her legs around my waist and I go harder. Soon I feel her coming as she mewls and shakes. I find my own release and collapse on her.

I kiss her again and we cuddle for a few more hours. That night we both lost our virginity and it’s the most memorable night I’ve had.

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