Sex with a Mature Lady who was a Neighbour – Sex Confession – 16

When I was 17, me and family moved to California. Our new house was beautiful, bigger than the previous one. It had a maple tree in the front yard and a natural pool in the back. We even had lovely, helpful neighbours. Our neighbour was the old yet attractive, Mrs. Gillmore. She was 69 and often came home to deliver her famous casserole. She was very friendly, especially to me. She had weird ways of expressing her love for me by pinching my butt or surprising me with a kiss on my lips. Here is how it moved to me to a different world of lust and I’m writing my confession of sex with a mature lady in California.

Initially, it was all very awkward but somewhere deep down, I loved that granny and I wanted her to do more to me, sexually. One afternoon, my mom sent me to deliver the brisket at Mrs. Gillmore’s house. She looked at my face behind the door grill and greeted me with a broad smile. She wore a deep V-necked white t-shirt that showed off her pink laced bra. I was surprised to see a lady of that age have such perkies. Below that, she wore a pair of white tights that beautifully complimented her butt. She invited me in and offered me a glass of Lemondade. I sat there, on the rocking chair, waiting for my lemonade.

She bent down to give me the glass and that’s when I noticed her bust. I was stunned. I couldn’t take my eyes off them.  So, even after she took a step back, my eyes were glued on her tits. She noticed. She giggled and bent down to give me a kiss, on my lips. I opened my mouth and my tongue took a tour in her mouth. She gasped in surprise and said, “Tom, aren’t you a naughty boy” and removed her T-shirt. She continued, “Isn’t this what you desire”. I was awestruck at the sight of those beautiful breasts and my excitement, visibly, trickled between my legs.

She pressed her breasts together and invited me to take a closer look. I dug in, licking, sucking and nibbling. She was so turned on that her tits were rock hard. She pushed my head lower and I knew exactly what she wanted. I took her pants off, spanking her tight ass. She wore a beautiful pink thong which I slipped it off her body, with my teeth. I opened her labia to take a closer look. Pink as the morning sky and smelling of vanilla. I liked her clit and she moaned. On my second like, she even lost her balance and had to assist her to lie down on her couch with her legs spread. I got over her and plugged her in.

She raised her hands over her head holding the bar on the sofa and moaned aloud. I pumped her harder and I could feel her juices warming me up. She was a gymnast, something I discovered when I was over her and she lifted her legs over my shoulders. I loved how flexible she was, even at this age. I raised her butt in the air and fucked her harder. That sight of having sex with an old aged aunty, made me cum.

When we were done, she wore a silk robe and got me a cup of coffee. Then, she walked into the kitchen coming out with a container of her famous casserole. She handed it over to me and said, “Ask your mom to make that brisket crispier next time and I hope the next time is soon enough because I am hungry for more”. I left her house and the mere thoughts of having sex with a mature lady made me hard again.

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