My Hot and Exciting Date with a Pornstar

I started watching porn when I was 15 and I loved watching the female stars. Their body used to attract me and I would get hard just by looking at them. As I grew older I learnt to control my urges but I still felt attracted by them and their confidence with their bodies. My friend was an independent filmmaker and got an assignment to create a porn film. It was through him I met Amber and led to a hot and exciting date gradually.

She was hot and could make interesting conversation with me. I would show up on sets just to chat with her. She understood that I was inclined towards her. I was young and had a healthy sex drive, so I had tried to propose her but she turned me down. But one day she jokingly agreed provided that I would take her out on a date. I agreed as my heart was saying it is going to be a hot and exciting date.

I picked her up in the evening for a formal dinner. She was looking super hot and I told her so. The meal was perfect. The food, wine and the ambience were a perfect mix for our date. When we got dessert, I could feel something touching my feet. Then I knew that her toes were wriggling against my calf as she raised her legs under the table to my thighs.  Her feet rested at my apex as my cock got excited and twitched. Then she leaned low and her feet went over my cock. She started to rub my cock as I tried to get through dessert.

We drove home fast and as soon as we were in the living room she went for me. She ripped my shirt and pulled off her dress. Underneath she had on a very sexy baby doll which accentuated her breasts. The bulbous domes attracted my attention and I couldn’t take my eyes off them. She pushed me onto the couch and went down on her knees. She unzipped me and pulled my cock out. She licked my full length before sucking on my head. And then she began giving me the most amazing blowjob I had ever had. She added suction at the head and took me inside her mouth fully. She worked my cock as she played with my balls. I lowered her bra cup and twisted her nipples, her moans adding to my pleasure. Then before I could control it I came and she swallowed every drop of my cum.

That was the sexiest thing I had seen. I was exhausted and I just relaxed the next hour getting back my energy.  She lay by my side as we watched a series. Then when I felt ready, I held on to her and gave her a kiss. I explored her mouth and my hands wandered to her breasts of their own accord. I palmed and weighed those globes as she moaned. I took a nipple in my mouth, biting and sucking. “I am going to take you doggy style,” I told her and she nodded.

I took her to the bedroom and pushed her on the bed. What a sight it was. Breasts hanging out, hair wild and the small stitch of panties.  I tore off the panties and pinched her clit. She shivered and parted her legs for me. I pushed two fingers inside her pussy and rubbed her. Her pussy was sucking me in and I could feel her wetness. “Go on your fours,” I whispered and she complied, showing me her ass.  I pushed off her dress, leaving her completely naked. I just plunged my cock in to her tight channel. She moaned and I smacked her jiggly ass.

Then I began pounding into her and slapping her booty alternatively. Her ass cheeks were round and plump and now red. I grabbed her boobs from below and used them to hold on as I fucked her. I pinched her nipples as she mewled and made me hornier. I then pinched her clit again and she came convulsing around me. I came too, soon after, filling the condom to the brim.

That was the most amazing night I had where I had a hot and exciting date with a sexy lady who knows every inch of a men’s body.

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