Sex With My Husband’s Boss – Sex Confession

My name is Paula and I am a happily married woman living in a nice apartment with two dogs. This is my confession about my one-time sex with my husband’s boss in our house. My husband Kyle worked in a big corporate firm and had insisted his boss Sam to come to our house for dinner. I was more than excited to be the host and prepare the dinner as I loved cooking.

Kyle and Sam arrived in the evening a bit early than usual to have some drinks before dinner time. While I was prepping up the food, I saw Kyle and Sam have a couple of drinks over some office-related talk.After some time, I saw that Kyle was sloshed due to excessive drinking which was very strange as he was never a heavy drinker.

He was getting unconscious and Sam suggested that we should shift him inside the bedroom. After we made my husband lie on the bed in his unconscious state, I insisted Sam stay for the dinner. I told him it won’t take long before I get it ready and told him to wait in the dining area. While I was in the kitchen heating up the food, I noticed a hand on my waist.

I turned around and saw Sam looking at me with lustful eyes. Even though I wanted to stop him, his presence was making me excited. I turned around and started doing my work. Suddenly I found him holding my hands and pulling them above my head. He pushed me to the nearby wall and started kissing me roughly. My mind wanted to stop him, but my body wanted to kiss him back.

He then started nibbling on my neck and I could feel my juices flowing making my pussy wet. He unzipped my dress and soon my big hard tits were right in front of him covered with a lacy bra. He unclasped my bra and started twirling his tongue around my nipples. This made me moan and soon the moans increased. I was just in my panties in front of him. He pushed my panties on one side and bent down to kiss me there.

He was pressing my boobs hard while licking my clit. He then inserted two fingers inside my pussy, and I collapsed on the ground. He took me to the living room and placed me on the sofa. While I was trying to wrap my mind around what just happened, he spread my legs wide open and shoved his hard cock inside my leaking pussy.

He kept thrusting his cock inside me for some time and then told me to get on top of him. My pussy was pulsating and all I could focus on was releasing my juices. I did as he told me to do and got on top of him. I started riding him like there was no tomorrow. After moaning and panting for some time, we both came. Sam told me not to feel guilty as it was just a fuck and told me never to tell Kyle about this or else, he would lose his job.

I was feeling guilty and embarrassed, but I couldn’t deny that I equally enjoyed the sex. He satisfied me more than Kyle ever did in all those years of dating and marriage.I love Kyle and am soon going to start a family with him. I feel embarrassed of this sex experience, but I still can’t forget how Sam fucked me so intensely. This memory of one-time sex with my husband’s boss makes me wet down there still today.

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