A Night With My Friend’s Mother at a Sleepover

I met Dana when I became friends with Andrew. She was a single mom but oh so hot. I was attracted to her because she was sexy in a MILF way. But Andrew was my friend, not my best friend but still a friend. However, I couldn’t help myself one night with my friend’s mother when I was having a sleepover at Andrew’s place.

We were going to graduate high school so we decided on a party. But we didn’t want to drive home drunk, so Andrew offered to crash at his place. His mom was cool with it he said. The party was a few blocks away and we all were extremely drunk. Someone, I don’t remember who, dropped us at Andrew’s place and we made our way inside. He led us to the two guestrooms and went his own way. I tried sleeping but I couldn’t, so I got up for a drink of water.

And I see his mom at the fridge, in a negligee. She gasps surprised but I like this version of her. “Sorry, couldn’t sleep. I’ll go now,” she says and walks away. “Mrs Hall. If you can’t sleep I can help,” I say and she stops. I walk towards her and lift her negligee up. I part her folds as she just stands there looking at me. I find her pussy wet and easily massage her clit. She is breathing hard I can see. “I can make you feel really good,” I tell her. She wordlessly takes my hand and walks to her bedroom. Once the door closes, she sits on the bed and spreads her legs.

I smile and go down on my knees.  I part her folds again and lick her clit. I penetrate her pussy with my tongue and rub her clit harder. She is fully on her back now and I can see her breasts pointing up. As I eat her out, I reach up and grab one of her boobs and squeeze it hard. She thrashes and just gushes out at my hands.

I rise up and lay over her body kissing her lips as she relaxes. “Now it is my turn,” I tell her. “Where are the condoms?” I ask. “No, this is not right,” she moans as I pinch her nipple. “It is. You want it. Now where is it?”I ask again. She points at the bedside drawers and I pull out one. I rub myself a bit and then shower attention on her breasts. I twirl her nipples, pinch and bite and suck on them. I palm them weigh them and squeeze them hard.

I put on the condom and push inside her channel. She is tight and so very wet. Every time I come out and push in I can hear the squish squish sounds of wetness. I was still feeling her up and fucking her. And by the sounds she was making, it seemed she was enjoying it too. Good thing the others were too drunk and had probably passed out. I groped her ass as I lifted her body a bit and began pounding into her tight channel. Her moans became louder as her nails scratched my back and I kept at it.

I pinched her clit again and she came. Her clenching channel bringing me to orgasm as I panted and spurted. That night was sexy and hot. Even though she pushed me out of her room once we had sex. It was exciting and I still remember the night with my friend’s mother vividly.

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