Hot Sex with a Stranger in the Nightclub – Sex Confession

I recently broke up with my boyfriend and was going through the post-breakup phase for some time. My best friend insisted on visiting a night club to ease me out and encouraged me to have some fun too. I was going through a lot recently and did not want to indulge in any sort of fun for now, so I denied it. But she forcefully made me dress in a short satin black dress which revealed a fair amount of my cleavage and fitted perfectly on my body enhancing my big butt. She applied make up on my face which was more than what I normally did. I was not knowing that this sexy look of mine would result in me having an awesome sex experience with a stranger later. So, this is my real confession about hot sex with a stranger in the nightclub.

We reached the nightclub and started drinking and dancing. While I was dancing with my friend, I could see a stranger staring at me from the bar. He was tall and handsome with well-built muscles. At first, I did not notice but when I saw him intensely staring at me and sipping his beer, I started to stare back at him. I was a bit tipsy due to a couple of drinks, so I was not sure if I was seeing him. After some time, I saw him coming towards me. He asked me, “Hey beautiful, would you mind a dance?” I couldn’t help but agree as he looked so hot and handsome in his leather jacket. My friend moved to the other side winking at me and leaving me alone with this stranger.

He held me by the waist as we started moving in sync with the music. His face was getting closer and I knew what he was going to do. Before I could fathom, he smashed his lips on mine and started moving his tongue slowly inside my mouth. When he parted, I suddenly wanted more and so I kissed him again. I couldn’t understand if that was the effect of the drinks that I had or his handsome face and sexy lips.

My actions gave him a hint and he slowly dragged me out of the dancing zone in a private room in the club. As the door of the room closed behind us, he started kissing and opening the zip of my short black satin dress. His kisses were turning me on and making my vision blurry. He started caressing my waist and boobs with his hands while still thrusting his tongue deep inside my mouth. Until now I was deeply interred into him and didn’t care if I was going to have hot sex with a stranger.

We started moaning in between our kisses and he then turned me around and pushed me on the bed. With one swift move, he removed my panties. He started fingering my pussy while kissing my neck and back from behind. His fingers were going deep inside my pussy making me moan and groan loudly. While fingering me with one hand, he removed his clothes with the other. He then sat on the bed and made me sit on his lap facing him. He started licking and sucking my boobs while rubbing my clit and fingering my pussy. It was making me so horny.

I could feel his manhood get hard with every moan and kiss. He then pulled me up and made me lie on the bed. My vision was starting to disappear due to the amount of pleasure that I was receiving in addition to the booze. He removed his boxers and pushed his shaft hard inside my pussy. He kept thrusting his dick in and out of me in fast motion due to which I could hardly feel my body. We kept kissing and fucking till we spilled our climax with a loud moan. We both dozed off after that and in the morning, I realised that I don’t even know his name. So, I asked him “What is your name handsome?”

And he replied, “Alex.”

I had never imagined that having hot sex with a stranger in the nightclub could be so intense and delightful.

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