Getting Frisky and having Sex on a Road Trip – Sex Confession

I read many adult confessions on this website and thought to write my own. I had never been on a road trip and my boyfriend at that time loved it. We planned one and had sex on a road trip. I preferred luxury so we arranged it in a way that I was comfortable. He […]

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Hot Sex with a Stranger in the Nightclub – Sex Confession

I recently broke up with my boyfriend and was going through the post-breakup phase for some time. My best friend insisted on visiting a night club to ease me out and encouraged me to have some fun too. I was going through a lot recently and did not want to indulge in any sort of […]

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Flirting and Sex in a Wedding – Sex Confession – 21

This is the most exciting and embarrassing confession that I have till date. I was never one for exhibitionism and had a very few sexual encounters. Most of my sexual experiences were with guys who preferred missionary and the most adventurous I got was giving a blow job in the bed room. So when this […]

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