Getting Frisky and having Sex on a Road Trip – Sex Confession

I read many adult confessions on this website and thought to write my own. I had never been on a road trip and my boyfriend at that time loved it. We planned one and had sex on a road trip. I preferred luxury so we arranged it in a way that I was comfortable. He had his car and two other friends joined. We started out at 7 am in the morning and soon we were driving through small villages and we hit the highway.

We didn’t get much private time together, Ian and I, so we used this opportunity for cuddles, snuggles and more. We were sitting at the front on the first leg of the drive and there was another couple behind. The drive was calm and scenic. We had packed snacks and were gorging on them as we drove through. The road went through a protected forest and we saw monkeys having a spa day on the warm road. It was the rainy season so dark clouds and lush green trees enhanced the scenery as we drove.

We stopped in the middle of the forest to take a walk. It was 10 am in the morning and the cool winds with light rains made it so romantic. We stopped at a small lake in between the trees and the other couple headed in further to discover the forest. I was just standing at the shallow edge of the water, the cool water caressing my feet when I feel Ian behind me. He hugged me from behind and his hands went around my body just below my breasts. But the feel of his strong hands around me and just brushing my breasts, though innocently, did make me feel a rush of energy. He bent down and kissed my neck and then my head. But before he could stop, I held his hair and brought him back to my neck.

He placed soft kisses and licked me on my neck. I reached back and touched his very hard penis through his shorts. He stilled and then shuddered, but continued to kiss my neck. Sneaky boy then held both my breasts and squeezed them. The other couple was behind us and we were facing the lake. And Ian was standing right behind me, his large frame covering us. He was playing and squeezing my breasts hard, when he put his hand inside my top and pushed the bra cups away.Now he had access to my breasts completely. He was massaging them gently and plucking at my nipples as I held on to him and enjoyed the sensation.

I turned around and wanted to kiss him. But before that he pushed up my shirt and attached his lips to my nipples. He gently sucked on them as I held on to him and the forest swayed with raindrops around us. I wanted sex on a road trip and looked like I’d get it. He lifted his head up for a second and I wanted to kiss him, when I heard the other couple approach. Again, I was covered by Ian so I quickly rewore my bra and adjusted my clothes. He did give a peck on my lips as we headed back to the car.

I sat with him at the back and snuggled close. The misty rain covered the windows and I felt cold. So, we got out a towel and huddled under it. However, this was our chance to get frisky again, so we did. His hands pressed my breasts under the towel. He had draped his hand around my shoulders so no one could guess that he was actually groping my boobs. Slowly the hand made its way inside my top and he pinched my nipple. I put my head on his shoulder and hid my face, lest someone see my pleasure.We began kissing each other, his mouth attached to mine, cocooned inside the car with misty windows. Almost the whole ride he caressed, pinched and played with my nipple and I hugged his body tight.

We reached our destination and booked a hotel. The other couple wanted to go out but we just wanted some privacy to ourselves. So, they went out and we locked up ourselves in the room. We took a shower together and our soapy bodies collided in pleasure as we kissed and explored each other. His rough hands on my sensitive breasts made me shiver. He put my hands on his thick cock and made me pleasure him. Believe me, the sensation of smooth bodies rubbing against each other is quite an erotic experience.

He parted my pussy folds and rubbed me there. My lower abdomen began contracting at this. I didn’t know what was happening so I asked him to stop. He grinned and kissed me saying, “later”. We washed off and went to the bedroom covered in towels. He pulled ff my towel and took me to bed.

For a while we just hugged, naked, under the blanket. Then we kissed. It was long and leisurely, the kind you do when you have time on your hands and no one to disturb. His hand landed on my buttocks and he pulled me closer to his body. His tongue collided with mine and my heavy breasts grazed against his hard chest. I felt his cock growing against my pussy.

He pushed off the blanket and went to my breasts, playing and sucking on them. Before I could stop him, he parted my pussy folds and found my clit. He gently rubbed it first and then licked me there. I could feel something moving in my body. Then he sucked on my clit, I felt it again. And then he began sucking, licking and nibbling all together. Soon I felt like I would pee and a gush of fluids left me. Never having felt an orgasm, I was surprised, relieved and so relaxed.

Ian grinned and kissed me. Then he took his cock and pushed the large head against my clit. I shivered again, sensitive from the first orgasm. His cock went in smoothly without any issues and I could feel every nerve ending in my pussy come alive. He began moving in and out of me, kissing my neck, lips and chest. I felt loved in a way and he was giving me so much pleasure.

The he slid back and spooned me. I kept my right leg over his thigh and he pushed his cock inside me again. At first, he played and pinched my breasts as he fucked me. Then his thrusts became harder and he began pounding into me. He bit my neck and then started rubbing my clit hard. I screamed and came hard, squirting around his cock. He moaned deep and began moving faster. He was holding onto my body, pressing my breasts as he came and left his seed in me.

My wish for sex on a road trip was just beginning to come true, after all, the night was young. After that one time, we slept a bit and then washed ourselves. We had an amazing dinner on the balcony and then returned to the room. I was just watching national geographic when Ian slides up to me. He holds my hand and kisses them. Then slowly he kisses my cheek as I snuggle up to him and hug him. He kisses my forehead and then takes my lips. As we kiss, he pushes me down to lie on the bed. He holds both my hands above my head and kisses me hard. Then with one hand he pulls open my top and gets a glimpse of my braless boobs.  He grins and licks my nipples till they get hard. He is still going at it and I begin moaning.

Then he sucks on them gently, and licks them. Suddenly he stops and bites my nipple and I scream. Then he licks and laves them and I feel better.  He ties my hands to the headboard and kisses me again. He completely undresses me and just watched me writhing for a moment. I am wet now and want him to do something but he just smiles. Then he begins kissing me slowly, starting from my forehead. He kisses my lips, nibbles on them and then goes to my neck, giving me bites and nibbles. I want to hold his head and pull his hair but my hands are tied. My pussy is itching but I can’t do anything so I try crossing my legs to get relief.

He sees it. “Do you want me to touch you here?” he asks, tapping at my pussy. “Yes! Yes!” I scream.But he keeps kissing my stomach and grabbing my breasts. I try to enjoy the feel of his rough hands on me, but my pussy is throbbing now. Then I hear it, the soft whir of a vibrator. I feel rough skin texture against my pussy lips and I love it. It is almost like it is scratching my itch, so I spread my legs apart and let him rub the vibrating device all over my vulva. He is watching me and gently changing the setting to pleasure me more.He pushes the rubbery dildo inside my pussy and I want to hold on to it with my pussy walls. My walls are rubbing against it and I moan in pleasure, “Ahh! Ahh!”. He brings back the shaking device to my clit and parts my lips to properly push it against the clit. He rubs the device all over the area and then hard on the clit. “Uuufffffff,” I mutter and squirt all over his boxers and the bed. He handed over me another sex toy which was a fleshlight similar to vagina of a woman. He asked me to push it to his penis while he enjoys and I did so. I personally found use of adult toys like vibrator and fleshlight are worth it during sex.

He gets very excited and unties my hand. He pushed his thick cock inside my pussy and begins fucking in a frenzy. I haven’t gad enough yet and I spread my legs for him. He is lying over me and I pull his hair as I hold on. His thrusts are hard and unforgiving but I am wanton and encourage him more. I caress his back and hold him a little below his butt. He moans, “Mmmmm,” and cums in my wet sticky pussy. My pussy is grabbing his cum and squeezing his cock as he still moves in and out of me. When he is done, he lets his cock remain inside me and we just spoon and sleep.

That was quite an exciting outing and then we had sex again in the evening and the whole night. We also made out with each other the whole way back, sitting in the backseat, groping and feeling each other up. Sex on a road trip was always on my mind and I had got it.

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