Neighbourly Love and Some Heat

I looked through the peephole and saw Aiden walking out in just a pair of shorts. He was going to work out, I knew it. The typical hot fire-fighter was gorgeously in shape. While walking out, he stopped near my door and winked. Oh my God! He knew I was watching him. I was mortified. He knew! That’s my story of some neighbourly love and some intense heat.

Every time I heard footsteps outside, I thought it was him. Finally, I dozed off for a nap in the afternoon and was woken up by a knock on my door. Sleepyhead me walked to the door and opened it to….Aiden? He was standing there with a bag and I was looking like a bed head. Smirking, he just walked in and locked the door. Before I could react, he walked in real close and said “Peeping at your neighbour Belle?” When I didn’t react he said smiling, “If you want to look, just ask,” saying that he pulls off his shirt and gives me a glimpse of his pecs. I am speechless as I swallow.

“You want to touch?” he asks and I finally answer “Yes!” enthusiastically. He chuckles and pulls me closer to him. I touch his shoulders, his neck, his pecs, abdomen and nipples. Something hard is poking me in my stomach and I look down to his cock. “Do you want to see and touch that?” he asks. I nod as he takes my hand place it on his cock. I press him as he moans. Drawing courage I pull down his shorts and palm his cock. He is throbbing in my hand and I go down on my knees.

I lick his tip and suckle the head.  I am massaging his balls and playing with them as I suck his tip. Then I take his full length in me and deep throat him. He stops me and says, “You like it dirty? Do you want to be fucked in the ass?” I nod breathlessly, aroused. “How about I fuck you both ways? Ass, and that dripping pussy?” I am so aroused by his dirty words when he pulls me up and puts me over his knees, as he sits down on the couch. He pulls my shorts and panties aside as he roughly fingers my clit and pussy. Knowing that he is touching me intimately is so dirty and good at the same time that I quiver around his fingers and seep on his hands. He chuckles and brings the bag closer to my face. I peep in and see a strap-on dildo with lube. I am so excited with Aiden fingering me and I see these sex toys that I come on his fingers.

He puts me on my fours against the couch and runs his cock through my pussy lips, coating himself. He plunges inside me and I gasp at his thick length probing me, fucking me. He is rocking in and out when he fingers my anus. I feel something cool against it as he continues to impale me on his length. He draws out and then puts on the strap-on dildo and adds lube to it as well. “I am going to fuck you hard my neighbourly love,” is the only warning he gives and starts to enter both my holes. He is slow, easing his way into my ass, but I push back and he is inside me. Then he starts to earnestly fuck me, in both my holes. I feel so full and aroused.

I hear his balls slap, my moans filling up the room. “You like it? You like me fucking you both ways? Every time I see you I get a boner.” Does this mean he has been watching me? I smile at the thought. He bends forward and slaps my clit and I come. I am squeezing him and I can feel his semen inside me. He withdraws gently and we lie on the couch for a while. He is kissing my face and then he asks me out. “I want to date you, Belle. Will you go out with me?” “Yes! Yes! Yes” I shout. Later on he also confessed that he had bought a bbw sex doll and used to fuck her thinking about me!

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