Fucked Maid’s Daughter while wife was out of Town

My wife was travelling a lot lately because of her work. Our sex life sucked. Most of the days I had to just use my hand. I almost had a routine past 2-3 months. I am Dan and I am 40 years old. This is my real story of how I fucked maid’s daughter and that filled my life with passion back again.

I was turned on by my maid’s daughter. She used to come on the weekends when she had an off from her college. I had been fantasising her from a very long time. She had the perfect and petite waist. Her hips were also full and so were her boobs. I could not help but, notice her every time she came. She was even very delicate and soft spoken which used to move a lot of buttons in me.

I used to make it a point to stay home when she used to come on the weekends. This time I could not contain my desires. So, I just thought of making a pass at her. I just complimented her on her looks while she was sweeping the floor. She did not react. Then, she was looking for the dusting cloth. I knew where it was and so, I showed her the cloth and asked her to come to me and grab it. She hesitated but, she came. I started teasing her as I was just tossing the cloth from one hand to another. Our bodies just crashed once or twice.

I finally gave her the cloth. Then, I told her that she is very pretty while keeping my hand on her waist. She blushed. I told her that I would like to fulfil my desires with her. At that time, she looked me in the eye. He gaze was intense. I thought she gave me the signal and so I leaned and just gave a brief kiss on her lips. She again blushed and looked down.

After that, I grabbed her from the waist and pulled her towards me. I kissed her again. After that, I removed her blouse to grab her boobs. Those boobs had not let me sleep for many days now. I removed her bra too. He breasts were beautiful. I just pushed her on the couch and I went up on her. I squeezed her breasts with both my hands. She moaned in pain. However, I did not stop. I kept on increasing the force. Then, I sucked and bit her nipples. She was moaning but, this time with pleasure. I continued doing that.

After that, I removed her pants as well. She was lying in front of me naked. My fantasy was finally coming true. I just inserted three fingers in her vagina. She gasped. My other hand was still on her left boob. I was pressing it lightly. I was already having a boner by this time. So, I did not waste any more time.

I just grabbed her hair and asked her to get in the doggy position on the floor. I unbuttoned my pants. Her hips were full and equally beautiful as her boobs. I could not help but spank those hips. I did it twice or thrice. Then, my penis could not bear it any more.

So, I slowly pushed it in her vagina. She was so delicate and obedient. I loved that about her. That made me hot even more. I started thumping her hard. She moaned which made me thump even harder. I loved the sound of her sweet moans. I continued fucking her and put my one hand on her boob. I could not let those go. I kept pressing them and then, we both came.

Whenever my wife is out on weekends, we still continue these passionate sex sessions. She likes them too.  At times I feel bad that I fucked maid’s daughter for my lust yet the next moment it gets rock hard to fuck her again!

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