Does the Desire for Sex in Men Decrease after Forties

desire for sex in men

Sex is a natural desire in men and women who are healthy, robust, and beautiful. At the threshold of puberty, a teenager starts feeling the push of testosterone hormone, and he starts holding his balls, without any knowledge. Sex is a natural act and men and women do indulge in it passionately. The kissing, touching of the vagina and masturbation are all quite normal and mainstream. But for how long? Be it a man or a woman, have you ever thought that the desire for sex in men decreases after a certain age? Are you worried that after you cross that threshold of forty as a man, that your sex life will see less action because you aren’t excited that much?

Here are some facts related to sexual health in men, which can maybe help in answering the question. After the threshold of the age – forty, the level of testosterone drops by one percent per year and the sperm count decreases. This is probably why elders suggest fathering a child before that. With age, there are high chances of emergence of health disorders like diabetes, high pressure, high uric acid, hormonal imbalance, which might lead to a decreased desire for sex in men.

The penis is the primary sex organ so we will look at changes in that which may take place after 40.

Pubic hair – Hair in the pubic region is coarser, but is quite similar to hair on other parts of the body. So, as with age, the hair on the head thins and greys, so does the same occur in the pubic region.

Penis shape – For few men, the penis may curve with age. This happens because of Peyronie’s disease in which the member gets bent during sex. Over time with healing there is formation of scar tissue which can lead to a curved erection. This means a shorter penis.

Penis size – In some cases the penis may look small. Because men may gain weight with age, specifically have fat near the pubic bone. It may make the penis look smaller than it is.

Scrotum–The scrotum manages the temperature of the testes – meaning when it’s cold it comes closer to the body to keep warm and when it’s hot and you want to cool off, then they hang loose. But with age, the muscle slackens and the scrotum stays loose. With the natural fall in elasticity, the sagging skin becomes worse. So, it will look like they are always hanging loosely.

Testicles – The testicles make sperm, but as men get older, the sperm production reduces and they can shrink- which could cause lack of sex in men.

Function – The sensation in the penis can reduce with age, because the nerves don’t function that well. Hence, there may be problems with arousal and orgasm. With a drop in testosterone, there could be a possibility of an erectile dysfunction. The penis may lose its rigidity.

All or some of the above combined could make sex uninteresting and just a chore with the woman partner. The testosterone change is also termed as the male menopause and has been known to cause a loss in libido. The male body goes through multiple changes with age and because of that, the male sex organ also experiences change.

However, that does not mean the sex drive would become zero. Many still have healthy sex lives, after crossing forty. Look at George Clooney, he had children very late – means he is having sex. The desire for sex in men, I believe is more about the mind. It is the mind which controls desire. You have heard about men who still can light your fire and enjoy sex as well. And for those who are physically unable to get aroused or orgasm, there are medical treatment options. Some might see issues but others are still able to satisfy their female partner.

There are hormone therapies and other procedures through which a sex condition can be treated. This is more of a lifestyle disease hence multiple options have been invented as cure. The detail on penis changes above, has been seen to occur only in a few men. Most live normal lives, enjoying sex till a good old age. One of my very well-known colleagues had his youngest child at 59!

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