When I had Sex with my Married Colleague – Sex Confession

I had never been one to break moral codes and this incident is one of those times I fell. I still feel embarrassed that I did this and I am unable to look my other colleagues in the eye. This is my confession when I had sex in the hearing distance of my colleagues from work. I had never dreamt that would be having sex with my married colleague.

My married colleague Amar had invited me and a couple of others over to his house for a house party. Recently married, currently he was living alone as his wife was travelling for work. We arrived in the evening and were sitting in the living room. We were watching movies and drinks were being passed around. Soon we had dinner and then a game of UNO followed.

The game shifted to his bedroom and all of us were playing with fervour. Amar got up to get water and I went behind him to help him. Don’t ask me why, I was drunk. While he was getting water from the fridge, I hugged him from behind. Then when he turned around, I hugged him again. My mind was horny I guess and I couldn’t control myself. I kissed him on his lips and hugged him closer.

Then the water was forgotten as we made out against the kitchen counter. Our lips clashed and sucked on each other and soon his tongue found its way into my mouth. He took my hand and kept it on his cock over his pants. Before I could press or do anything, we heard the bedroom door opening and we parted.

The game continued and more drinks were passed. Amar was looking at me quite blatantly with sexual desire and his cock was standing. Then soon he got up and came over to me, took my hand and left the room. No one asked anything, either because they knew or were too drunk to care. He locked the bedroom door from outside and began kissing me on the lips.

We kissed hard and he was soon pressing my boobs. My need and sexual desire came to the forefront and I began pulling off my top. He pushed his head in my cleavage and licked me there as he attempted to unhook my bra. Once off, he took his time squeezing and playing with my breasts.

Meanwhile, I pulled down his pants and exposed his dark, long cock. He pushed me down in a drunken state and I knelt in front of him. He opened my mouth and shoved his cock inside. I began blowing him. I sucked and licked and gave a handjob to him.

I got up in sometime as I didn’t like the taste of his cock. Instead I lay down on the dining table and spread my legs signalling to him. He tottered over and pushed his cock inside. It was slightly painful as I hadn’t cum. But after a few strokes I got horny. I was enjoying the sensation of his cock fucking me. He was holding my boobs as leverage to fuck me and I could see his wedding ring glistening. But I was hungry for sex so I didn’t ask him to stop. Instead I spread my legs further and began touching my clit.

He was constantly touching my boobs, pressing them. Then he said, “I always wanted to fuck those tits of yours.” I didn’t feel good but I wanted sex. So, I closed my eyes and rubbed my clit. I came soon, but I still let him continue to fuck me. He was going to cum but there was knocking from inside the bedroom. So, I pushed him away and got dressed. He picked his clothes and ran to the other room.

I opened the door and my colleague ran to the bathroom saying he needed to pee. I left soon after and no one talks of that night. The night I had sex with my married colleague. I try to stay away from Amar, especially after seeing his wife recently. But that night still haunts me. It was because of my hunger for sex, that I couldn’t control and indulged in such illicit acts and ended up having sex with my married colleague. But now I have to live with it.

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