Flirting and Sex in a Wedding – Sex Confession – 21

This is the most exciting and embarrassing confession that I have till date. I was never one for exhibitionism and had a very few sexual encounters. Most of my sexual experiences were with guys who preferred missionary and the most adventurous I got was giving a blow job in the bed room. So when this happened to me, it came as a surprise that I had a steamy hot sex in a wedding.

I was invited to my best friend’s wedding. He was marrying his girlfriend of two years and they were having a beach wedding. There were pre-wedding drinks during which I met the bride’s cousin. He was attractive at first glance, but what I didn’t know was that he was naughty as well. We flirted a bit. Then he took me under a copse of trees. His mouth descended on mine and we kissed. Teeth clashing, tongues tangling.

It was frantic and urgent. I could feel my nipples tightening as his chest brushed against mine. His hands groped my bottom as he massaged and squeezed my ass cheeks. Gasping, I held on to him as his beard scratched my chin and cheeks.  I was sure that would leave marks.  His right hand came up and cupped my breast. He could feel my nipples through the thin fabric.  He pinched my hardened nubs and I almost fell on him in shock and pleasure.

He pulled down my top and put his mouth on my tit. He sucked and sucked while his other hand played with my other nipple. I wanted to touch his penis, give him the same level of pleasure but he stopped me. “Not now,” he said and corrected my dress. He led me to the seating area where everyone was waiting for the ceremony to begin. We were on the last row and no one else was sitting near us. There were people in front of use, sure. But none behind us or on the side.

As the ceremony began, Jason, the bride’s cousin and the man right next to me, removed my scarf and draped it over my thigh. I looked at him in question and he just smiled. His hand parted my legs and he touched my inner thigh. He kissed my cheek and just then his hand ghosted  over my panty covered pussy. Then he slid his finger inside and rubbed my clit. He was constantly rubbing at different paces and soon I oozed out liquid. He pushed his finger inside and finger fucked me right in the open. I was lost in pleasure and was enjoying pleasure of sex in a wedding ceremony.

I spread my legs for him and let him move his fingers. He touched my pussy and rubbed on my g-spot. “I can feel you so wet,” he whispered in my ears. When he said that, I came, shaking and trying to stifle my moans.  That was the most exciting and erotic act for me. I was still shivering from the high and he just held me as I shattered and then came back together.

Once the wedding ceremony was done, which I don’t remember much of, he led me to the reception area. We talked and socialised with others and he was constantly by my side. Then when the party was in full swing he took me upstairs to the guest bedroom. He kissed me as soon as the door closed and I shoved off his jacket. I ripped open his shirt and was unbuckling his pants, when he removed my panties. I lifted off my dress and bared myself to him. He pushed me on the bed and licked my pussy and clit. He suckled on my nub and again used his fingers to bring me pleasure. He fucked me hard that night and I still remember the pleasure he gave me. Sex in a wedding can be fun but when you think that again, its embarrassing too.

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