Five Kisses and a Night of Hot Passion with the Neighbour

My neighbour Matt was super hot and I was attracted to him. We used to flirt with each other but it never got serious. I had never seen girls at his place but with a body like his I was sure he never spent many lonely nights. But this thanksgiving he surprised me. We met at the block party we were having the day before thanksgiving. As usual we were flirting. I don’t know how it happened but he asked for five kisses that day and I ended up agreeing. I didn’t know it would end up with in a night of hot passion with him. He said that the terms were that whenever he asked for a kiss I would have to give it to him there, no questions.  He asked for the first kiss right then. I gulped and nodded.

His face came real close, I could feel his breath on my lips, but he brushed aside and gave me a kiss on my cheeks. He grinned and walked away. That night I tossed and turned and then I heard the doorbell. It was Matt and my heart started hammering. “Can’t sleep?” he asked and I said yes.  Then he bent and just kissed me on the lips, a slight peck. But I couldn’t hold back and just went for it. I went on tip toes and attached my lips to his.

The kiss was overpowering. I mapped my lips to his and licked his lips. He opened his mouth and I found his tongue. I sucked on it as he pulled me closer and I rubbed myself against him. Something came over me and I grabbed his cock. He seemed to like my touch but then he stopped me. “I want a date first,” he said. I smiled and we kissed good bye.

The next day we went out on a date. It was to a park. We talked and walked hand in hand. I stopped him and asked, “You had two kisses. What about the next three?” “I am going to take the third here”, he said.  He pushed me under a vine covered gazebo that shielded us from other’s view. He smiled and pulled my top down. I was surprised and went to cover myself. He stopped me. “This is my third kiss and you can’t stop me,” he said. He bent down and kissed my breasts. He kissed the nipple and then licked them.

I shivered as he gently nibbled and sucked, his beard scratching over my sensitive skin. I moan and held him closer to my chest as he continued to shower love on my boobs. Then we heard a group of people coming towards us and he stopped. He smiled and pulled my top back up. We drove home and he kissed me again at my door. “That’s my fourth kiss and I will have my fifth tonight,” he promised as he left.

Then at 9 pm I hear a knock at my door and Matt is there. “I am here for my last kiss,” he says. He grins as my heart starts hammering. The last time he kissed me was on my breasts and I don’t know where he will kiss me now. He walks in and closes the door. I walk back and fall on the couch. He steps up and kneels near me. “I am going to kiss you here,” he says as he runs his fingers lightly over my panties. I nod and he pulls my panties down. He parts my folds and rubs me there. His finger pushes on my clit and then he licks me there. He kisses my folds and kisses me there hard. He continually tongues my pussy, licking and sucking. He tongues me hard and soon I gush. It was becoming a night of hot passion and I was now out of control.

I unzip him and pull his cock towards me. “So impatient,” he smiles and lays me down such that my bum is on the arm of the couch. He rubs his cock in my folds and then pushes inside. His fingers twirl and play with my nipples as he moves inside me. I am breathless with the sensations and I can see that he is going to cum. His cock keeps getting larger inside me and I can feel him dripping. He pinches my clit and plays with it and I cum hard. He follows me soon and releases his semen inside me.

Matt and I have been seeing each other since that day. In fact I moved in with him a month later. I still remember how we had started off and especially the night of hot passion I had with him.

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