The Night I was Fucked by my Boss on his Office Desk

I had a huge crush on my boss. He was 35 and so good looking that I would practically salivate when I saw him in one of his fitting suits. I was just a temp, filling in for one of his associates, but from the day I met him, I haven’t been able to get him off my mind. Sooner everything changed and I got fucked by my boss one night.

One day I had come early to office and saw him walking in. That was the first day I spoke to him and tried to flirt with him. He just smiled at my attempts. Gosh his green eyes and that salt and pepper hair were my undoing. If I could just get my hands on it. Jeremy – the boss was single and rumour had it that his penis was quite a generous size. I would dream that he would give me a glimpse of it.

Then one day, as I was working late I realised that the floor was deserted. There were noises coming from Jeremy’s office. I was kind of eavesdropping when the door opened and I saw him standing there. The top three buttons of his shirt were open and it looked like his hand had gone through his hair many times, giving him a sexy dishevelled look. “Annie! What are you doing here?” “I…ummm…I,” I stuttered. He smiles and takes my hand into his and leads me into his office and pours me a drink. “Here. Take some and relax,” he says.

I take the drink and sip. It makes my body relax a bit but I also feel bold. So I tell him, “I am attracted to you. A lot.” He just stares at me. “I know,” he says. “I see the way you look at me. But let me tell you this. I am attracted to you too. But we work in the same office. Not sure we can fraternise.” I grin like a wildcat. “Tomorrow is my last day. I was a temp,” I tell him. “So what do you want to do about it?” he asks. “This,” I say and pop open the buttons of my blouse. His eyes focus on my cleavage as I remove my blouse and stand there in my lacy bra.

He is breathing hard. I move to him and take his hands to put them over my breasts. He squeezes them a little and then he begins playing with my nipples. I remove my bra so I can feel his touch more. Emboldened, I palm his cock through his dress pants and I feel it growing in size. Without warning he kisses me hard as he continues to toy with my nipples. “So this is what you were hiding behind those granny blouses?” he says before taking a nipple into his mouth, sucking and biting. I try to wriggle out as the pleasure is too much but he isn’t letting me.

I still squeeze and rub his cock before I unzip him and unleash the monster. I pull down his pants and he removes his shirt. I can see his dick leaking precum. So I lie on his neat desk, after removing my skirt and panties and spread my legs. I know he can see my pussy and clit as he stands there tugging at his cock. He stalks towards me and roughly pushes two fingers in me. I moan and try to close my legs. He parts my folds and licks my clit like a champ. His fingers work their magic in my hole as he assaults my clit with his tongue and teeth. When I am wet he takes his huge cock and pushes inside me. He spreads my legs apart and puts them on his shoulders. It feels like he is hitting a deep spot as he fucks me.

He moves in and out of me, shaking the desk, the movement scattering things about. I scream and thrash, but he is relentless. My pussy feels raw and used and I love the feeling. But he hasn’t stopped fucking me. I have already had one orgasm, but he keeps going. He changes position. He has turned me around and put me on my left side, like I sleep on my side. Then his cock begins pounding into me. His knuckle grazes my clit and he pinches them hard. I come again and this time he comes too.

That night was crazy. We had sex 6 times. I rode him reverse cowgirl, cowgirl and we did it doggy style as well. But man he had the strength of a horse. He just kept on going. One of the most satisfying sexual encounters of mine and I hope I get his penis tonight as well. You see he has invited me over for the weekend and who am I to say no to his cock. I don’t see him as a boss when we have sex and even if it is, I don’t mind getting fucked by my boss.

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