The School Crush – Cute Love Between Two Guys

Looking at the school book today, Rand was reminiscing about his school days. Flipping through the pages, his hands paused at the picture of Kirk, his school crush. He was cute, tall, handsome with irresistible charm. He had that kind of personality that made everyone to stop and stare at his perfect features. For Rand, somehow it did much more than that. It gave him an erection. This was new to him. He felt embarrassed but thought maybe it was because he was so handsome.

One time Kirk caught Rand staring at him. Rand couldn’t take his eyes off him and Kirk smirked at him. He felt embarrassed and aroused at the same time. The next day in school he was looking the same- charming and handsome. Rand looked at him, he looked back and then they both went their way.

At lunchtime, when Rand was passing through the men’s bathroom, someone pulled him inside and put a hand on his mouth. He tried to shout but when he looked at the face of his captor, his eyes grew wide. He was Kirk. When Rand relaxed, Kirk locked the bathroom door behind him. Rand looked at him wide-eyed.

“I know you want me,” Kirk said. Rand looked down. Somewhere in his mind he was thinking about his school crush and love coming true.

“I want you too.” He said again lifting Rand’s chin up gently. And then he kissed him. Rand felt his body on fire. The kiss got deeper and passionate. He could feel Kirk’s erection and his own as well.

Rand wasn’t in his control. He went down on his knees and took Kirk’s shaft out. As his erection sprung in front of his eyes, he was mesmerised. He took it in his hand and started jerking him slowly. Kirk’s moan aroused him even more.

His erection looked fascinating. He touched the tip with his tongue and saw it glistening with his saliva and pre-cum.

“Take it,” Kirk commanded. He looked in his eyes and took his erection in his mouth. He sucked it slowly. A moan came out loud from his throat. He never knew sucking on someone can be so pleasurable. Kirk put his hand on Rand’s head, urging him to take it deeper. He gagged at first but then got used to it. At the same time, Rand played with Kirk’s balls.

He felt Kirk’s body go tense. And he asked Rand to stop. He then god undressed, turned Rand around and made him bend on the sink. He slowly spanked his ass and Rand was amazed by how much he liked it. He felt the sting of the spank again and moaned.

And then he felt the tip of Kirk’s erection on his but hole. He kept rubbing it for a while and then he felt his fingers probing inside with a lubricant. He felt sensitive and wet. He then felt his erection slowly slipping inside him. He felt his hole stretched to the maximum. He could feel his erection dripping. The cold tiles over his hot skin were making it all the more exotic.

He started taking it slowly. And then he gradually started to increase the pressure and speed. He pumped with vigour and passion. Rand felt his body tighten. He was nearing his orgasm. And as he felt Kirk spilling inside him, he spilled as well. The orgasm was so strong, he was shaking. They both were panting, so they took a few minutes to catch their breath. They god dressed up and tidied themselves up. Kirk unlocked the door, kissed Rand and said, “see you soon, again.” He smiled and they both exited the bathroom. School crush can be sweet and doesn’t looks what gender you are.

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