Affair With Handsome Security Guard of My Office – Sex Confession

I had recently switched my job to a new company. It was exciting to go to a new place to work and have new colleagues around. 26 F here writing my real confession about affair with handsome security guard of my new company where I joined. I was having a rough patch because of my breakup and thus, embracing the unknown and new was my only Zen. However, I was a bit nervous and late as well. As soon as I entered my building, I saw a very handsome man greeting and opening the door for me. It was my office building’s security guard. I had a lot on my mind but, I paused and noticed him.

The joining went smooth and a week had passed by like this. I used to blush seeing him every day. His name was Arthur and he was a well-built tall man. He had a bronze complexion with piercing brown eyes. As days passed by, I used to imagine Arthur and get wet dreams. After breakup, his thoughts were relaxing for me during the time of depression and thoughts of my ex-bf.

So, one weekend, I thought of doing something about my feelings. It was casual Saturday and so, I dressed up in a light pink slip dress. I decided to stay back in the building as well. Arthur usually stayed back for an hour after the office staff left. His shift timings were different.

I patiently waited for everyone to leave. After that, I called Arthur and told him that I needed some help with the AC. He immediately came up. In the meanwhile, I opened my hair and applied a dark red lipstick. I made sure that my breasts were visible to him as well. After he came, I started acting all coy and told him that I could not find the remote and switch off the AC. He seemed a bit furious at first because this was not his job.

While we were searching the remote, I was intentionally crushing my body against his. He initially seemed to move because he was a security guard and might have thought it was his mistake. I did again. He got the signal this time I guess. He pushed his ass towards the left and I crushed mine against his. I went near him and slowly pressed his biceps. It worked and he was staring at me. I asked, if he has any girlfriend? He smiled and said that he was completely single. So, I just grabbed him from his shirt collar and kissed him. He was taken aback at first but, then he pushed me towards the wall and started kissing me. It was area where no cctv could capture our acts and I had no fear of getting caught. I wanted this hulk to explore my skin, devour my body.

After that he pushed my dress string and grabbed my boobs. He pressed and squeezed them. I moaned. I felt so good because this was my first sexual encounter after my breakup. I was enjoying every moment with Arthur. He started sucking my boobs and played with my nipples. Then, he slowly grabbed me from my hips and carried me. He made me sit on the slab of the small kitchen area where we used to take coffee or water.

The kiss was continuous even when he made me sit and he was pressing my breasts hard. I was touching his penis by putting my hands inside his pants. It was rock hard and huge. I was so hot by then. He slowly pulled my legs apart and inserted his hand inside my pants. I suddenly felt excited. He inserted his three fingers inside my pussy. I moaned and moaned. He did it swiftly and formed a rhythm. He did not give up until I was wet.

I came down from the slab and knelt down while he stood. I opened his pants and took the shaft out. It was staring at me like a hungry monster and I pulled the skin down to get a glimpse of his pink top. It was looking delicious. I sucked the tip of his penis while he held my hairs. I started giving him deep blowjob while playing with his balls. He was even fucking my mouth. I sucked so hard that he came in just 10 minutes inside my mouth. I spitted it on the washbasin and came back. Experience of this kind of intense sex and the affair with handsome security guard was driving me crazy.

Then, he asked me to turn around and removed my pants. During intimacy I normally like to dominate but here the thing was completely different and I was being dominated. However, with Arthur it was different. I barely knew him and his gaze was intense. I suddenly found myself following his orders. I was just obeying what he asked. Then he asked me get on my hand and knees. He slowly grabbed my hips and caressed them. He continued doing that and I was enjoying the moment.

However, suddenly he spanked me. I was taken aback because I did not see that coming. It was thrilling as Arthur was unpredictable. Then, he slowly inserted his penis in my hole and started thumping. This time he was rough. He of course did not had any condoms as it was unplanned sex but I was all fine with the intense sex. Although, I was liking it completely. His penis was huge and it was touching my walls in and out. My ex-bf even was not that huge and I was feeling loved by a stranger. He kept fucking me hard pulling my hairs and I kept moaning aaahhh aaahhh aahhhh. I guess my moans made his go mad and he increased his speed even more. After a couple of minutes and moans, we both released. He splashed his sperms on the floor which he later cleaned it up with a tissue. It was so much erotic that my body was still having currents running. I have never told anyone about this hook-up because I still cannot believe myself as I am not a hookup person. Although, I must admit that affair with handsome security guard was super fun and exciting.

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