The Red Lipstick And Arousing Party

I have always loved the red colour, the colour of the vamps and the femme fatale. I apply it generously over my lips and glance myself in the mirror- gorgeous, I think. I undo a button of my top, showing off my deep cleavage, fluff my hair and walk back out to the boring party. I suddenly feel more confident, my groin starts pulsating, my breasts feel swollen in the constriction of my bra and my buds stiffens. I was feeling tired. I all wanted right now was a hot water bath, alcohol, and a man. I wasn’t feeling particularly choosy as I knew I was in an arousing party.

The lights were dim at the party. I wanted to convert it to an arousing party from a normal party. I see the groom’s father leaning at a corner, watching everything keenly with a glass of scotch in his hand. I walk up to him, take the glass and swig down. His eyes dilated with surprise but before he could speak I moved closer to him, my fingers caressing his crotch. I cup my hands and squeeze until I feel them growing. His mouth was open lavishly and his eyes closed in pleasure.

I grabbed his hands and lead him out, into the washroom. I locked the door and as I turned, he was onto me, kissing me with his tongue snaking inside my mouth. He smelled of smoke and booze, intoxicating. I let him kiss me while I was busy unzipping him, eager to feel him.

As his pant slips down, I lower his underwear. Hus butts were hard to my surprise, especially for a man of his age. His erection was undeniable. He was hard, smooth and warm. I get close to him and rub myself against him roughly. He pushed up my skirt and gasped as he realised I wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

I was so ready for a good hard fuck. He pushed me to the wall. I pull my dress aside and keep a foot on the seat of the toilet. He nudges in but I can’t wait. I push myself forward to take it in eagerly. He pushed my dress and my bra down and my breasts come out bouncing. We were noisy, moaning and grunting and groaning. But at this point, I was far from any care in the world.

My one hand was on his back, urging him on while the other was on his shoulder. His face was buried in my cleavage and he was thrusting in and out of my wet wanting cunt.

But he was an old man, couldn’t hold longer. He came quicker than I liked. He started to unzip but I asked him to kneel. I was far from over. He denied and walked out. I was angry. I was adjusting myself and right then his younger son walked in. The look on his face said he knew what was going on.

He pushes me to the wall, slides my dress up, put my foot back up on the toilet seat and kneeled. I moaned as he buried his face in my cunt filled with his father’s seeds. He licked and sucked and fingered me till I came into his mouth. He then unzipped himself and started to fuck me harder. I lost the count of times I orgasmed. My legs felt weak but he held me in place. He kissed me and mauled my breasts like a wild animal. I begged him to come and he obliged. He came with a grunt. We separated. I was about to fall. He held me and placed me gently on the toilet seat. He zipped himself up. We smiled at each other and he left. Now all I wanted was a bed. For me, the normal party had turned into an arousing party already.

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