See you through the Looking Glass

I run back to my college dorm so I can log in to see Ronnie. I power up my system to see the webcam sex chat portal on. I see her online and I click on it. She is dressed in a cute red dress. “Hi stranger. I see you through the looking glass all sexy and ready for me.” She makes these references to Alice in Wonderland and it’s cute. “Yeah. I am horny and ready to go like the rabbit,” I say. “That a weird reference,” she says and I laugh. I also enjoy chatting with strangers on adult chat rooms at times for fun.

She starts the music and does a little dance for me. I sit back and watch her twirl around giving me a glimpse of her lace panties. “What are wearing under the dress?” I ask her. “Want me to show you?” she asks in a sultry voice and I sit on the edge of my bed nodding. She naughtily wiggles her hips and lifts up her skirt. Red polka dots and lace. I am sweating wondering her bra would look like. She doesn’t disappoint. As soon as she pulls her top down. I can see red lacy cups and polka dots on the strap.

“I wish I could kiss you now Ronnie,” I breathe. ‘I wish I could peel each piece of clothing from your body with my teeth and nibble your nipples. I wish could go down on you and eat your delicate pussy out inch by inch.” “Ohh Brandon, I am so hot for you now,” she mewls. “Show me your cherry nipples babe,” I command her and she twirls once again before reaching back and unhooking a bra.

When she bares her tits I see luscious curves and erect pink nipples beckoning me. I take off my pants and grope my cock. “Now play with those gorgeous tits,” I tell her. Her hand snakes in between her tits and then she massages both of them. She brings them together, rubs them and I finally see her twirling her nipples. She is panting and she parts her legs.

I hold my cock hard and he is straining, wanting to get to her. “My cock is so hard for you. I want to fuck your cunt for real Ronnie.” She nods and gives me a close up of her clit and pussy. She is wet, dripping. “Now play with your clit,” I say. She parts her lips and touches herself there. She rubs it, circles it and presses it hard. I can see her face as it scrunches in pleasure.

I press my balls and massage them trying to find relief. “Now finger your pussy just like how you would like me to do it,” I murmur. She parts her lips giving me a full frontal and then pushes her index finger inside. When she pulls out I can see it is covered in her juices and I ask her to lick them. She does and that is the hottest thing I have seen. She begins finger fucking herself while playing with her nipples. I show her my cock as I rub it to images of her naked.

I touch my head and rub a little harder. Watching her touch herself is making me reach my peak. Then I see her shuddering. I see a burst of liquid come out of her pussy just as she begins thrashing and moaning. I cannot hold back so I too shoot out cum on my hand, stomach and bed.

When we are done I say, “You remember your promise? No more webcam sex. I want to see you so I can eat your pussy and pleasure your body.” “Yes,” she whispers and proceeds to give me her address. I am going there tomorrow. But if I’m bored without you, I will again see you through the looking glass!

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