Sexy Times with my Partner Jason

Jason and I had been having our sexual encounters for quite some time. We were dating each other and all the times we copulated were our “sexy times”. Every time he said that I would blush. So he kept it on as he loved seeing me blush a deep red. Tonight was our sexy time and Jason had promised to take my ass. I was scared and excited as I waited for him to come to my dorm. I heard a swift knock and let Jason in. He was holding a sack in his hand, and he noticed me watching it. “A present for tonight,” he said and took me in a deep kiss.

We kissed and kissed, his tongue tangling with mine, probing me, as our bodies were flush against each other. He was already dry humping me and I knew he was hard. Then he lifted up my skirts to touch me through my panties. I was desperate for him, for his body and his cock. He laughed and pushed my panties aside. He fingered my pussy and rubbed my clit. He was going on fingering me, watching my face for expressions. “You want my cock huh? The dirty girl wants me to hump, fill you up and tear your ass?” his dirty words made me wetter and it looked like he was satisfied with the results. His body covered mine as he kissed me and finger fucked me hard and fast. I came gushing at his hands.

He quickly dropped his clothes and covered himself in my pussy juice. Without warning, he pushed through inside me and I gasped as his thick cock seated itself within me. He pulled out and then pressed something cold to my opening and pushed it inside. He told me it was a butt plug and he was coating it with my juices. He fucked me with it and then told me to ride him. As I straddled him, he pressed the butt plug at my anus. I could feel the pain as it was being forced inside me. That minute he suckled on my nipples and thrust up into my pussy. Thoroughly distracted, I didn’t even notice when the butt plug went inside me. He rocked into me and then I took over, riding his cock with abandon. I could feel the butt plug in me, making me feel full. My breasts bounced in his face as he watched it go up and down, his eyes full of desire. He is always fantasised about couples sex toys and I feel we can enjoy everything we can.

When I was tired, he put me on my fours and slapped my ass. My pussy quivered and he pulled out the butt plug. His cock was dripping with my juices, so he put the tip into my anus. “Relax and let me in,” he commanded. I could feel the burn of his thick cock entering me and I was uncomfortable. “Relax, breathe, babe. Slowly push back into me.” I listened to him and pushed back, holding my breath. He was fully inside me now. I breathed a little easier as he started rocking into me gently.

“Ohh. Oh baby. You are squeezing me so hard.” He said and slapped my ass again. He put his fingers inside my pussy as he fuckedmy ass again and again. I was screaming now. From pleasure and begging for release. He flicked my clit and pinched my nipple. I came hard, crying out loudly. “Ahh, ahh, ahh!” I heard him moaning as he emptied his semen in me.

After a few minutes, he kissed me and said, “I loved that assplay babe. I’m going to do it again.” I gave him a big smile and said “Yes!” That’s our sexy times!

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