One more time with the past

Ever since I got married in the year 2012, my friends and I have been making it a point to meet every year at least once. Staying in different cities, we decide a common place, either any one’s house or a totally different city. This year, we decided to gather in New York, at a friend’s place. We ate, drank and sang a lot at a pub and in between this gaiety, I saw my ex boyfriend approach the table we were sitting on. He greeted me, and I kept staring at him like a fool, unable to fathom the possibility of us meeting this way. Anyway, I moved aside, greeted him back and as we talked we lost track of time. We discussed about our college days and how we were so sure about each other back then, yet failed to work the relationship out. Now that we were both adults and mature enough, we realised how stupid we were. Hours passed and finally, my friends informed me that they were leaving, and I was free to come back home whenever I wanted to.

After they left, we shifted to a different bar, and amidst the loud noise, we tried to continue our conversation. I could feel that he was flirting with me. He informed me that he was a happily married man now with a daughter. I was happy for him. However, I could feel a tinge of jealousy build inside me as he was my ex boyfriend. I was always attracted to this guy and now that he was in front of me, looking happy in his married life, I could not help but feel a bit intimidated by it. He was so good in bed that no one compared to him had ever given me that immense pleasure. As I remembered our time together, especially that one time that we had sex on the college dean’s office table, I felt myself get wet and warm inside my panties.

He then told me subtly that I had become hotter than ever before. I blushed and then, in between the buzz resulting from the many beers that had I already had, I could feel his hand on my upper thigh. He came closer and placed a wet peck on my cheek. I could not contain my grin then and I pulled his chair closer to mine. He lingered his fingers around my inner thigh and told me that his wife and daughter were out of the city for the next two days, so if I was comfortable we could move to his house and continue our conversation there. I knew exactly what his intentions were but I pretended to be naive.

In his house, we sat on his sofa, he brought up two glasses of wine and as we talked, we sat really close to each other. Suddenly, he pulled me towards himself and started placing wet kisses on my neck; he always knew that was my soft spot. I melted away under his touch. I placed the wine glass on the coffee table in front and hugged him tightly. I craved for him at that moment. Somehow, I did realise that I was cheating on my husband and maybe this was not the correct thing to do. I whispered in his ears that, “This is wrong and you are my ex boyfriend, not current. Maybe it is a bad idea and we should stop here.” He stopped kissing me midway and pondered over what I said. However, we were both too drunk and too horny. So we pounded upon each other and started kissing wildly.

I could do anything to have him at that moment itself. In a hurry, I started opening his shirt buttons, while devouring his tongue with mine. The intensity between us during that moment was so hot that I could feel my insides churn and panties become totally wet. We slowed down a bit swiftly, making the most of that sensuous moment as we held each other’s head and explored each other’s tongues. He held me by my waist, laid me down on the sofa gently. Rapidly, he took out my top and kissed my breasts. I assisted him in taking off my bra and continued kissing him.

Cupping my breasts, he took one nipple inside his mouth and pinched the other. I moaned under his touch and closed my eyes to take in the pleasure. He sucked my breasts tenderly, leaving soft bites and I pulled his hair in ecstasy. Swiftly, he took off my pants, leaving only the panty behind, and separating my legs widely, he kissed me down there over the panty. He then sucked my clit, with the panty on. This tuned me on so much that I kept moaning as my vagina released loads of liquid.

He looked up at me while I was moaning and then suddenly, took off my panty, and drove his mouth inside my vagina. He put his tongue inside my hole and licked me there, sending jitters through my body. I begged him to fuck me as I was hot and drenched inside and could not wait anymore. He obliged and standing up, took off his pants and shoved his huge dick inside my vagina. His dick was so big that at first, only the head could slip in and then, swiftly as he kept pushing it inside, and swaying his body, the entire length fit in perfectly. I could feel his dick fit inside my clit inch by inch and my walls clenching at the intrusion. My ex boyfriend was real horny ever and I was liking it all. 

As he kept humping me I could feel his dick touch my clitoris and all I could do was moan in pleasure. He rocked his body and I obliged by following his rhythm. Moans and pants filled the air as the sound of us fucking could be heard. I looked up at him and he stooped down to kiss me hardly this time. And all together his pace increased as he pounded on me with his dick inside. He fucked me like never before and the pleasure was too much to endure that I burst cum all over his dick. However, he did not stop fucking me and after a few minutes he took out his dick and shoved it inside my mouth. As I struggled to fit it inside my mouth he shot his cum inside. Drinking the entire liquid, I wiped my lips as he took out his dick and hugged me. My ex boyfriend gave me the desired pleasure and made me realise I am still a normal woman whose desires do exist!

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