The time I blew my boyfriend in the carnival and he ate me out

Teddy and I were going out to the local carnival in town. This where we got adventurous and I blew my boyfriend while he ate me out. Anyway, I was waiting for him and I was horny so I lifted up my skirt and began fingering myself. I was in the living room when I had begun and was touching my clit with my panties down when the door opened. Teddy stood there flushed and looking out of breath.

He looked at me and watched my fingers move. I kept looking at him, shocked to move and for some reason my fingers kept moving over my clit. Then there was a horn from outside and I quickly covered myself. I hugged Teddy and gave him a kiss. He took my fingers, those that had touched my clit and sniffed them. Then he proceeded to lick them, slowly, one by one.

My cell phone beeped telling me that my friends had arrived at the carnival. “Come on. Let’s go,” I tell Teddy. “Where? I want to see your pussy,” he playfully responds. I pull him out of the apartment and lock it. I sit in the passenger side of his Volvo and we head to the carnival. We go through the merry go round and other attractions and I get myself a snow cone. The next on our list is the house of horrors.

Somewhere along the way I lose my friends and it’s just Teddy and me. Teddy finds a nook in the passageway that hides us from view and kisses me. Our lips tangle and we kiss in passion, my snow cone forgotten. We kiss and kiss, lost in the moment when he falls down on his knees. My skirt is shoved up and panties pushed aside. He bends down and sniffs me there and I shiver as he gently licks the whole area. He smiles against my thigh and parts my folds. His tongue moves along my opening and slit, pressing my clit. He sucks my clit and nips it. His tongue pushes inside my pussy and I feel him spear me. I clench around his tongue and gush when he goes to my clit again.

I am breathless and hence I sit down. Teddy stands and I can see his cock at full attention. I unzip him and he grips my hair. I suck his head and lick the whole length. His grip on my hair tightens as I bob up and down on his length. I massage his balls and play with them weighing them and putting gentle pressure.  I kiss him there and deep throat him. I blew my boyfriend like never tomorrow. Then suddenly he just pulls me up and pushes me against the wall.

I don’t know where our friends are as I cannot hear anyone. So, I let Teddy have his way with me. He squeezes my boobs and shoves up my skirt. His cock is out hanging and he rubs it against my wet clit. His large head bumps again my clit and I feel shocks going through my body.  “Whose pussy is this?” he asks me as he rubs my clit again. “Yours,” I murmur as I grind against him.

He grins and plunges inside me hard. He begins a punishing pace and fucks me harder and harder. Driving me insane. I claw at his chest, thrashing with pleasure. He slaps my breasts and squeezes them hard and I clench around his cock. A while later I cum and feel his release coating my thighs. I kiss him breathless in the afterglow.

That was one of our craziest outings where we ended up having sex. But it wasn’t the last. The memory of how I blew my boyfriend outdoors will always remain in my memory.

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